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Destination Infinity tagged me to list all time top three movies that I have watched in at least two languages. That is an almost impossible task for me! But still I will try.

General guidelines for the tag: List all time top three movies that you have watched in at least two languages (Even one or three should be ok, I guess). Write a brief description about each mentioning why you liked it. Also, do tag others.

Ok so here goes…

BENGALI – My experience of  Bengali cinema is countable on fingers 😀 But I would love to list my all time top 3 of the few I have seen. And none of them stars the famous superstar pair of Bengali Cinema – Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. 😀

# Gupi Gain Bagha Bain

Satyajit Ray’s classic film based on a fairytale by Upendra Kishore Ray tells a wonderful tale of two simple and somewhat dumb village boys Gupi and Bagha. They had a great passion for music but Gupi sang very badly and Bagha was a horrible drummer. But in their exile they please the King of the ghosts and get 3 boons. And thus begins their adventure.

A hilarious movie with great acting and songs. A good example of the Bengali humor. 😀 Even though there were two sequels, my favorite is the first one.

# Sonar Kella

Satyajit Ray’s first Feluda movie. (Feluda or Prodosh Chandra Mitra is a fictional private investigator starring in a series of Bengali novels and short stories written by Satyajit Ray himself)

It was the first time I saw a Feluda movie. Also the first time I saw the actor Soumitra Chatterjee. It was crush on first sight 😀 Great story, wonderful acting and good mixture of humor and suspense.

# Agantuk

Satyajit Ray’s swan song based on one of his short stories Atithi (“The Guest”). It won the Best Film at National Film Awards in 1992. The movie is all about family relationships and the idea of money. A very beautiful and simple movie. The great story, Utpal Dutt’s wonderful acting and Ray’s superb direction and screenplay impressed me even though I was quite young when I saw this movie. And most impressive are the questions raised in the movie and Ray’s take on the modern contemporary society.


# Harry Potter series

Do I need to say anything more about it? 😀

# Kung Fu Panda

An animation movie has to be there in my list 🙂 It was hard to choose between Wall E, Kung Fu Panda, Rataouille and Finding Nemo because each one is awesome!! But then “There is no price for awesomeness” especially when it is the awesome Po. 😀

# Twister

The only movie I saw back to back in theatre. :) Yes! The matinee show and then the evening show again! same day! First time it was so thrilling that I was literally sitting at the edge of my seat. Second time I was able to enjoy it in a relaxed mood. Love the movie for Helen Hunt, action, adventure, story by Michael Crichton, and the awesome tornadoes.


# Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar

A movie about sibling love, realizing one’s potential and growing up. The only Hindi movie which I have seen ten times.

# Chak De! India

For King Khan, the story, the direction, the songs and women power. SRK’s best movie ever.

# Don

Last one had to be an Amitabh movie after all the Khans. But I didn’t list Sholay just because it has sad ending and I dislike movies with sad endings. For me a movie should be full paisa vasool! 😀 And Don (the original) is one such movie – great pace, good direction, memorable dialogues and good music and of course Amitabh Bachchan!!


As the year 2011 begins, which is the best movie of 2010 per your choice? And which movie has been the worst?

50 thoughts on “Tag: All Time Top Three Movies

  1. Nice list… I too am fond of ‘Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen’ and ‘Shonar Kella’.

    However… ‘Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen’ series wasn’t just hilarious. It was a satire on society, governments, etc. There are several layers…

    P.S. If you haven’t watched movies like: Ekti Raat, Mouchak, Jomalaya Jibanta Manush, Nayika Songbad, Dhonni Meye, Mohanbaganer Meye, Shriman Priththiraj, Khudito Pashan, Deya Neya, Charmurti (Tenida), Boshonto Bilap… etc… you have missed much. Please make amends. Pronto!

  2. Best movie of 2010 was Peepli Live, followed closely by Band Baaja Barat.
    Worst movie of the 2010 is a tie between Khatta Meetha and Tees Maar Khan

  3. Hey you didn’t tab anybody??? 😛 For a change I wanted to be tagged with something like this 😀

    Now I think of it, its really hard to pick top 3 movies from so many. Top 10 would not be enough for me 😐

    And people who really watched Khatta Meetha and Tees Maar Khan without waiting for reviews, learn from your mistakes 😉

  4. I want to watch that Agantuk , even if I may not understand it. Someday, I will. Strangely, I have not watched Don as well… HP is not for me 🙂 I have seen all other movies and they are nice, to say the least. Thanks for doing this tag, and I will link it now…

    Destination Infinity

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  7. I have to watch those Bengali films.. didn’t watched even the best of Sathyajit Ray’s yet 😦

    HP books are good.. but movies 😦 I don’t like them much..
    Kung Fu Panda is a good movie 🙂 I like it 🙂

    Chak de India is my favorite too… thats a wonderful movie 🙂

  8. And guess what … Harry Potter tops the list … 😀 😀 .. Am not that great fan of the HP movies … but the brand name “Harry Potter” is enough for me .. 😀 😛 .. have a great 2011 🙂 🙂

  9. except the bengali ones and the harry potter series, I have seen them all ! Not fond of Twister so much. and I prefer SRKs to Amitabs Don for the twist at the end ! 😀

  10. Dont know about Bengali movies …

    but hindi and DON .. no no .. the old one is a classic this one mmm i dont know did not like it that much ..

    english ones .. Loved all of them but not a fan of harry potter …

    Nice list …

  11. Great list 🙂 All 3 Satyajit Ray’s movies? Need to watch atleast one of his movies.. have heard a lot about them..
    Harry Potter series are my fav too, even though the movies are not that great, I still can watch them any number of times at anytime, anyday 🙂
    Twister was a great thriller.. loved it.. I like Kung Fu Panda too but not that much..
    Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar is one of my all time fav movies.. have watched it sooo many times and still dont get bored of it..
    Chak De India was funny and nice.. Don was a good movie and I like watching Sholay too, just for the dialogues!

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