Movie Reviews :- Sanctum and Tangled

Ok so what to write to keep the blog going? Hmmm….looks like I have not written movie reviews since a long time though I have seen some in past few months. But I would like to write the reviews of only two of them. So here they are :-

# Sanctum (3D)

Story :- A team of cave explorers and divers are on an expedition to explore one of the largest and least accessible cave system on Earth. But when a tropical storm hits the place, they are unable to get out in time and are forced to go further deep. The only option left for them is to keep going deeper and to come out where the underground system meets the ocean. But when the race for survival starts , true animal instincts surface. Who will make it to the end?

There is a side story of a perfectionist expedition-obsessed father (the lead explorer) who doesn’t get along with his son and their bonding in the face of danger.

Review :- Apparently Sanctum is not a James Cameron movie. He is only the executive producer. So first thing is Sanctum should not be compared to Avatar. Considering the movie alone, as one of the guys sitting beside us said ” Andhere ko 3 D mein dikhaya hai” i.e. “Darkness has been shown in 3 D”. 😀 😀

In my opinion, there was no point in making it 3 D. It is all caves, water and darkness only. 🙂 But  still the cinematography is great and I read that those who have seen the movie on IMAX 3D found it awesome. I saw it  in regular ones. The spirit of discovery of the unknown, the grit of explorers and the strength required to make hard decisions is conveyed in the movie  and all of it touches the heart. But the story lacks that certain tinge of adventure and “surprise moments” which make you sit at the edge of your seat. There are no high moments. The pace is like a flat line. So overall the movie is just okay and can be seen once especially by expedition and exploration fans.

# Tangled (3D)

We came out after watching the 9 am show of Sanctum, booked tickets for Tangled and went back into the same screen theater to watch a movie again 😀 That was one crazy Sunday!

Story :- Rapunzel’s mother, the Queen, while pregnant becomes very ill. The King sent forth all his subjects to find a cure. They found a flower that had been nourished by one drop of pure sunlight. Gothel had been using the flower to stay young, but it was taken to the Queen for healing and Rapunzel was born with magical hair. So Gothel kidnaps her in her infancy and raises her as her own child in a hidden tower in the remotest area of the kingdom, determined to never again lose the source of her youth. But one day the kingdom’s most- wanted thief, Flynn Rider, chances upon the hidden tower while on the wrong end of a pursuit. Rapunzel strikes a deal with Flynn and steps out into the outside world for the first time. Thus begins the story of their adventure, the discovery of themselves and of each other.

Review :- Walt Disney Animation has retold the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Rapunzel in a contemporary way. Does it work? OF COURSE!!! The images and the animation along with the 3 D effects are great.  The characters and backgrounds feel like classic Disney, but with modern techniques and visual appeal. The script has humor, romance, action and adventure. The characters are well written even the ones who don’t talk. The music and the songs are good. I liked Mother Gothel’s “Mother Knows Best” song the most. 🙂 And I learned that the saucepan is a great weapon!! So overall, a clean family movie with loads of fun. A Must-Watch.



25 thoughts on “Movie Reviews :- Sanctum and Tangled

  1. What happened to you? Where is the spirit of blogging?
    I missed both movies… Will watch Tangled when I get the chance. Somehow I was not at all interested on Sanctum.
    Can always count on your reviews 🙂
    And don’t let the blog die… Take up Plinky, post a week or something on your own.

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