Bangalore Calling

No…this post is not about  the book.

This post is about the end of an era. Of life in Pune…perhaps forever.

D has a new job in Bangalore. Right now on his way to Bangalore for at least two years…and maybe forever. And tagging along with him, by marriage, is me leaving my favorite city Pune. 😦

D has lived in Pune for 11 years..studied from his first job…his sadness is deeper in comparison to mine but then he is an adventurous and nomadic kind.

Which I am NOT. I dislike Change. And house shifting?? On the bottom of my never do list. 🙂

But such is life. And the good thing is that D has to do all the shifting as I am still busy with thesis and work. Mwahahaha 😈

But still….I am sad for leaving Pune even when I have not lived there actually…and  for leaving all the places there which hold special memories for me and D 🙂

Sad for leaving my BFF…. my BFF shifted to Pune from Bangalore after marriage and had waited for one year for me to go there. But as fate would have it, I am going to Bangalore now. We hugged and cried during our last meeting. 😦 😦 She swore at D a lot. 😀

Btw that reminds me.. when D bid goodbye to his closest friend..a friend of 9 years, ex-room mate of 6 years….there was absolutely no sentimental stuff involved. Why are guys like that?? 🙄

Pune was a lot closer to home!! 😦 There is only one train to Bangalore from my hometown and even that doesn’t have pantry!! 😥

Now I feel like swearing at D. 😡

So here is to the beginning of a new era in life…of a life in a new people to meet….new things to be…

P.S. It has been exactly one month since my last post!! 😦 Few days more and I will be back with a bang!

56 thoughts on “Bangalore Calling

  1. Duh… I am also swearing a lot right now… (poor D). I did not trouble you when you were in Pune on short trips thinking what the hell, she is going to be here all the time after some days… now see…. damn you girl for forfeiting Pune 😦

    Best of luck for Bangalore… I hear its a nice place…. and I hope you get to meet a lot of bloggers there… (sorry for my language in above paragraph) 🙂

  2. 🙂 well new place new people ..
    i know its sad leaving but thats how life is look at it the other way you will have friends all over the places .. in pune and in bangalore toooo

    All the best at the new place and YEs shifting house is a big pain …

  3. I understand very well what you can feel Reema. I am sorry you are leaving Pune, but who knows, the Garden city might suite you better, one never knows. You are young and all can be done at your age. Even adapting 🙂

    ALl my best regards to you, to your D and of course to your sis Nomad.

    Man of Roma

  4. All the best to both of you. I love to move to new places. After 1-2 years I feel restless. I think growing attached to people and places is what makes me restless.

  5. Hi Rima..first on, Congrats on your Marriage…lol!! I know thatz too late, but it has been a long time for me since I read a blog 🙂 Guess what, I am married too…Itz been more than a month 😀
    Well, coming to your post, Bengaluru is such a nice place and I am sure you guys will enjoy! Keep rocking! Enjoy the new phase! 🙂 I can imagine what my wife feels too….lol…She left Hyderabad for US…heee heeee

  6. nice! Welcome to Bangalore! 🙂
    its crowded, there’s traffic jams, there’s noise – but, the city has soul and you will love your stay there!

    Just reading your post made me miss Bangalore! Welcome to my favorite city! 🙂

  7. as I am still busy with thesis and work

    You doing M.Phil or Phd or something?

    when D bid goodbye to his closest friend..a friend of 9 years, ex-room mate of 6 years….there was absolutely no sentimental stuff involved. Why are guys like that??

    Should know by now that men are like that only, like coconuts, hard on outside soft on inside. No senti stuff from us! Just a firm handshake & a hug suffices. 🙂

    Btw, what happened to your teaching days? I assume you left your college in your hometown? So plan to take up in Bangalore or what? Guess I’ve been out of touch for quite a while. 🙂

    Goodluck in the new city 🙂

  8. I know how you feel Reema, I am sorry you have to go. Why did you get married after all?

    I hope your new house is beautiful and that it has lots of extra rooms so you bff and your family can come and visit and sleep over. That way you can make the most of your times together.

    I miss Pune already….

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  10. Unlike women, men do not do a lot of external show of affections – Their friendship is deep inside the heart and it will last much longer 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    PS: Never knew you were blogging these days!

  11. Come to B’lore…It’s not that bad a place to stay, believe me! I am staying here from Dec, 2005…
    One thing that you will love instantly is the weather here.. It’s really cooool 🙂
    Rest you find out yourselves…….

    Let me know if you disagree and share your own experience/feelings too…

  12. Very Very long time, and no see. but glad u r here too. 🙂 distance hardly matters to those on blogosphere. but i hope it does this time. Welcome to the (Not-so)green city.
    I still follow ur posts, but only thru the reader. so, pls excuse my (in)visibility.

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