The Race Against Time

Time: 11.05 am

Place: Railway Station

The taxi driver asked “the new side or the old side?” The father replied “the old side”. After alighting, they saw the  train information  display and realized their mistake. They started running towards the new side of the station; the men leading and the women panting behind them. Even the arthritic mother was running!!


Time: 10.15 am

Place: Somewhere on route to railway station

The traffic light became green but the taxi started with jerky movements. The taxi driver stopped the cab few metres away on the roadside and tried again. There were four passengers inside. A couple and the husband’s parents. Panic was setting in.  The train was due to leave at 11.15 am. They were so looking forward to the weekend getaway trip to the nearby beach. It being a weekday, horrible traffic was expected in the morning. So they had left for the station by 9.30 am. But now, due to this unexpected event, they had to change taxis midway and waste precious time!


They made their way through the crowd…shoving, pushing, half running….dragging the trolley suitcases…Onto the long over bridge to the new side..The arthritic mother climbing the stairs…showing immense determination. All they needed was just five minutes more. ….Yes!! they were close.. just few metres more…

To be continued…..


First the good news!! My thesis work is over and already submitted. Yeyy!! My 2nd Masters of Engineering is almost over! The viva-voce examination remains. And so I am back to blogging!! 🙂 While I was away, my blog crossed 5 Lakh hits!! Yeyy!!

I see some bloggers have taken up NaBloPoMo. So many unread posts to read and comment..and now this??? Bachhe ki jaan logey kya??  😦 😦

But I guess taking up NaBloPoMo is the most selfless act in blogging. Because you just keep on posting and don’t really expect your readers to comment on each, right? :mrgreen: True “Geeta” stuff! 😛 😛

Now before I shift to Bangalore and go on new trips to new places, I should finish writing about the old ones!! So what you read above was the description of the beginning of a trip. The four people were my in-laws, D and I. 🙂

So were we able to catch the train or not? what do you think?

To know what happened next read the next part!! coming up soon!!


26 thoughts on “The Race Against Time

  1. Reminds me of the day , I was in bhubhneshwar and my flight got cancelled then it was a mad rush to the train station , to take the train , bribe the TT who had the audacity to ask me IF I CAN AFFORD THE FIRST CLASS KA TICKET..

    reaching early morning to find a taxi and the na mad rush to the airport to catch the flight to delhi where i had to take a flight to UK, told hte taxi walla 500Rs extra is he RACESSSSSSSSSSSS…
    Was the last one to borard the kingfisher flight .. panting …

    and congatulations on the thesis and all the best for the viva..

  2. Great to have you back, Reema 🙂 Congratulations on submitting your thesis.

    NaBloPoMo – Selfless acts 🙂 Now I like that thought 🙂 Must be the only selfless thing I have done then 🙂

    The train journey bit brought back memories for me.. So many train journeys like this, we have made.. Every summer would mean train journeys.

  3. So good to see a post from you 😀
    Congratulations on your thesis submission 😀 😀
    I loved the thought of considering Nablopomo a selfless act 😉 I guess you too should start it soon, it’s been a while since we read regular posts from you 😀 😀
    Eagerly waiting for the next part 😀

  4. Well, they made it, only to see that the train was 2 hors late!! 😀
    Congratulations!! 2nd Masters of Engineering!! Cool!! 🙂
    I know that despite many unread blog posts in your reader, you will find time to read and comment on them ALL!! 🙂
    I am taking some learnings from you on this!!

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