My Random Thoughts 2.0

As my readers may remember, I have moved to Bangalore or Bengaluru. It has been 3 months now. I haven’t started working yet and in-laws are here since two months…new place, new life, new routines were responsible for the blogging break. So, here are some random updates, thoughts and comments from the last three months of my blogging break. Hence the title… a new “My Random Thoughts” BREAK KE BAAD πŸ˜€

# My M.E. results were declared at last…scored 73.5% aggregate. Yeyyyy!!!

# When I had asked on twitter the translation of “I am back” in Kannada for my last post, a twitter user had suggested “I AM BAKKAA” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ This attaching an “aa” at the end of words kind of grows on you! Cab driver says leftaa? I say “yes, leftaa” or “rightaa”. But jokes apart, it has been hard dealing with language problem and especially when people get irritated or laugh at you when you say “No Kannada”. 😐 FIL and D had a really tough time at the LPG gas connection and RTO offices not to mention problems while travelling and shopping. When Bengaluru has become such a melting pot for people from so many regions and countries, I feel any person wanting to do business (be it autowala or shopkeeper) must keep up in terms of communications. I too have bought two books “Hindi-Kannada” and “English-Kannada”!! But as you know, taali ek haath se nahi bajti!

# Hubby bought a new two wheeler, TVS Wego as an anniversary present in advance πŸ˜€ First thing I learned was that the rule of overtaking from left ( readers comment made me realise – I mean my left) doesn’t exist in Bangalore traffic which by the way is way too much!! Now have to learn my patent dialogues in Kannada. Someone please translate and tell me!

# Panipuri lovers BEWARE! Discovered a new sort of panipuri which in available in stalls and served with some sort of curry. Tastes horrible! After two mishaps, discovered that the ones we eat are served by sellers having portable cane stands.

# Had another door experience. FIL and MIL were strolling outside in the corridor and I went out to give them mobile. The wind (too much of it here by the way) slammed the door shut from behind. Thankfully we had mobile outside. Called D to come from office and rescue us with the spare key. Looks like I have a jinx with doors here. 😦

# Saw Aarakshan. You know the college shown is my alma mater πŸ˜€ Saw my Chairman, his family too..Also saw my beloved Bada Taal of Bhopal. Made me nostalgic! But the movie was as if Prakash Jha had two scripts and thought “who will two movies? let us combine both in one – first half one script and second half another” πŸ˜€

# Watched Real Steel. Cool movie and hot Hugh Jackman. πŸ˜€ Liked it. Must watch for action lovers but on big screen.

# Watched Ra.One in 3D. Sigh!! Sad to see SRK stoop to such low levels of comedy by including so much of crotch obsessed humor and adult jokes. How on earth did the movie get U rating? No exciting story and too long for a movie with such a storyline.

# Watched ZNMD. Good movie! Again a must watch! Can’t stand that Kalki though.

# Went on a lot of sight-seeing trips around Bangalore and Mysore. Posts to follow.

# Had a great time pandal hopping during our first Durga Pujo here in Bangalore. Post to follow – as a guide for people searching on Internet for Pujo pandal locations in Bangalore.

# Did a lot of cooking and tried some new stuff (new for me that is)….lets see if I put up posts on those too.

# Did a lot of mall hopping. In my opinion, Royal Meenakshi Mall is the best but its food court sucks. Wasn’t impressed that much with Forum and Garuda. The food court of Central Mall at Mantri Junction is the best.

# Due to the language problem,we hired a Hindi-understanding Nepali maid who went on leave without informing for 3 days just 5 days after joining work!! Had to fire her and hire another one (her aunt only). Now the second one is asking a raise of 200 bucks just after working for two months!! God!! Why I fell into this vicious circle of maids! Soon there will be posts on Maid Troubles on this blog too! 😦

# Experienced a 10 hours long powercut. 😦

# And yes I admit, the weather here is really wonderful on most days of the week. πŸ™‚

And lastly

It was my blog’s fourth anniversary on 30th Oct 2011.Β  Now after 4 years β€œMy Random Thoughts” stands at 584,177 hits (and counting ) 280 posts and 227 subscribers on Google Reader and 67 via email.

45 thoughts on “My Random Thoughts 2.0

  1. AweSome summary post Reema!! I kinda find it easy making my way around Bangalore cos most ppl understand hindi or they are Tamil.. But yes traveling by bus n in some other places it’s tough since I don’t know too much Kannada.. Here’s to a lot of good times ahead!!

    Congrats on your ME and on blog anniversary!! Hope to meet you on my next trip there

  2. Excellent .. I saw Ra one too was not impressed much ..

    and happy anniversary to your blog and 20 more for a third century πŸ™‚

    I need to know some good joints ot eat foot in bagalore πŸ™‚ tell tell

  3. The only problem in Bangalore is all the boards will be in Kannada which makes it difficult to read 😦

    Otherwise a real good city..

    Did you traveled in Metro train?? If so share the experience..

    I went to mantri mall… good one.. Try swensen’s ice cream store there.. really good one.. πŸ™‚

    And congrats on 4th year anniversary… πŸ™‚ Looking for more posts here πŸ™‚

  4. Power cuts are not much of an issue in bangalore because the weather is so good and cool even without fans. You should really experience power-cut in chennai in the month of may once in your life. After that, other power cuts will stop bothering you! πŸ™‚

    Destination Infinity

  5. Lovely comeback summary! Overtaking from left is banned?? Ohh…
    I used to add ‘Hogi’ as suffix for everything..especially with the autowalas – Right hogi, left hogi, illi hogi, alli hogi.
    πŸ™‚ lozz. Haven’t learnt a bit of kannada while I was there for 2 years..
    I liked Forum…the food court is pretty nice there..The one thing that I was really annoyed in Bangaluru was that they add jaggery to Sambar 😦

  6. You SHOULDN’T have. shouldn’t have, shouldn’t have watched Ra1. S showed me the review on TOI I think, I cringed to read it. I also thought it would deter many from watching such rubbish. AAARRGHHH. Why didn’t you leave mid way?

    Waise, every top actor works in at least one such megabudget rubbish towards the end of their career, when they lose money and get scathing reviews and slowly accept that they are old, not suitable for teenage/20’s roles anymore.

    Your “Nepali” maid reminds me of BOKAU.

    I am actually happier without maids as I dreaded and loathed the intrusion into my privacy and sleeping in times, and the dependency. Being maid free is hard work, but I have the satisfaction of doing things perfectly, my way, in my time, and I enjoy the independence and autonomy. I also hated the small talk and many times, petty talk. Daya was different, and I still remember her care when I was unwell. But usually you meet such a soul only once in a lifetime, like Dhelia. I really believe that this sector needs to be regulated as any other service, thus assuring good service, protection against exploitation for them, and so that the rights of both parties are protected.

    Powercuts… aaah… the dread in my heart that would go like — ooh my veggies, oooh the 3 litres milk, oooh the dessert I made just now. I lost much food, much money due to powercuts, not to mention the hard work and heartbreaks of falling cakes. I don’t see the point of big malls, grand prix and chandrayaan, when we cannot have electricity for the whole day.

    • leave mid way??? each ticket costs 200+ rs!! thats one of the positive things of my maid..she doesnt engage in small talk. so we peacefully co-exist.

  7. Congrats on your ME, 2nd isn’t it?
    Overtaking rule in India is to overtake from right not from left side. Left side overtaking is illegal in India & not allowed anywhere else either where you drive on the left side of the road. πŸ™‚
    Traffic is a big problem there just like Mumbai & NCR. It has gotten pretty bad in last 2 years.
    Beware of that door problem, it sucks (yes it has happened to me too & I was late for office by 2 hours).
    You should thank your luck you’ve not stayed in NCR or Mumbai otherwise you won’t be able to tolerate Bangalore Malls. The malls I’ve seen in Bangalore are totally crap!
    If not used to power cuts, I’d advise getting a battery powered inverter, it pays off its value in less than a year these days what with power cuts becoming frequent. πŸ™‚

    I actually thank my stars that the longest I’ve stayed in Bangalore at a single stretch is 2 days. Usually I prefer a morning in & evening out trip whenever Bangalore is concerned! πŸ˜‰

    • ahh u made me realise why some readers are confused. I meant my left..i.e I overtake from my left which is perfectly legal. I think I should have written in terms of the vehicle-to-be overtaken’s respect (which you have mentioned in your comment). I hope u didnt think I dont know the rules πŸ˜€ I don’t know if I would like noisier and busier malls!

      • You overtake from your left? How can you overtake from your left & yet have the vehicle you’re overtaking on your left? Kahin to gadbad hai πŸ˜›

        I didn’t mean noisier or busier malls when I referred to malls of NCR & Mumbai. Infact whenever I’ve been in a mall in Bangalore its always been on weekend & its always been busy & noisy. πŸ˜‰ What I meant was that malls in NCR & Mumbai are much bigger & better quality in terms of the crowd & also regarding the stores. πŸ™‚

  8. Congratulations on your high score!! πŸ˜€

    And yea, dealing with RTO and LPG gas guys is really really tough if you don’t know Kannada.. and even if you do know the language, they still create problems sometimes!! 😦

    Sigh.. Despite all the chaos, and the traffic – I miss Bangalore, the eating spots, the bad pani puri.. everything! πŸ˜€
    I am never going to watch Ra. One I think! πŸ˜€

  9. Belated wishes for the Blog Anniversary!! And thats quite an update I must say!!!

    And goo too see maid troubles being mentioned πŸ˜€ welcome to the club my dear!!!

    I have been seeing your food pics & I must say you are turning out to be a good cook πŸ™‚

    Paani puri wirth curry?? aiyo!!!

    Haven’t seen Aarakshan & R. One and no plans of wasting money on eather of them πŸ˜€

    Hoping too more from you now πŸ™‚

  10. Hiya Reema! Happy Birthday to your blog! I love your blog and I am happy I stumbled acrossed it. Has it really only been 4 years? Wow

    I think it is a amazing that you are settling in Banglore. I wanted to go there so bad! The other day I met a gentleman who claims to be from there and we had quite a talk! We even pulled out a map and compared regions! It was tough understanding him though and he is very diferent from my Punjab friends who run shops down town. You were very close to my heart during the whole conversation.

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  12. Helloooo!!! First of all, good luck in Bangalore.. I know u r going to need loads of it :O I know it can be tough in Bangaloe without knowing Kannada… but look at the bright side though, u are not in Chennai… Bangalore is a delight as far as Chennai is concerned… There you cant even talk to the guy without knowing Tamil..!!

  13. Hey in B’lore you will learn Kannada slowly, dnt worry dear..and as per my experience I will tell you,try to hire Kannadiga maid they are very clean work wise and they could help u in learning Kannada..books won’t help you much, rather try watching some Kannada movies,which can help you a lot to learn the language…and about Pani poori I had ditto experience as you..but somehow we managed to find authentic shops in n around Koramangla,HSR layout…

  14. 1. Hey congrats on ME thats awesome.
    2. Sorry I believe differently. I do not think that bangaloreans should learn hindi. We dont expect poeple from germany to speak english when we go to germany. We learn german instead before moving out there. so why not learn kannada before moving here. Secondly am surprised that you have language troubles here. Most people do talk in hindi. In fact I was surprised that I didnt have to suffer when I moved here.
    It is sad that everyone speaks hindi and regional languages are slowly being forgotten :/ Oh and about people laughing.. what part of bangalore are you in?
    But best luck learning kannada. Ask me when you need help πŸ™‚
    3. Ah the best thin that you could do in Bangalore. this two wheeler is going to save you a lot of pain.. ergo.. auto drivers πŸ˜€ you’d find locals are very helpful with directions.
    4. Panipuris! Ah! every one of us experience this. I so miss chats that I used to have before. but then I have found these new type of local chats and am not talking about Masal puri as they say.. but nipattu masala, tamato chat etc etc. which are awesome. If we ever meet in future, remind me to take you to such places. Oh you gotta go to food street @ VVPuram !!
    5. Get a oriya maid servant if you can. They are the best here. they cook amazing too.

    And wow! Congrats on the blog anniversary!!

  15. Well Germany is a country and Karnataka is a state in India! I am not saying they “should”..I am saying learning it will be better for communication and business when the city has become flooded with North Indian people. I dont think regional languages are being forgotten.. for example at our homes one has to speak in bengali hindi is allowed and that passes on from generation to generation. And being laughed at part has truly happened to me..that too area near Electronic city! Maybe he was one of the frog in well type! thanks for the tips. Oriya maids are considered to be dishonest back in my hometown! but yes Oriya people cook really well but I don’t need a cook. Thanks!

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