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Its been 6 months since we moved to Bangalore. Visits from in-laws and parents resulted in a lot of sight-seeing in and around Bangalore. It is impossible to cover all the places in one day in Bangalore due to traffic and distance. This post is about all the places we have visited in Bangalore and an attempt to act as a sight-seeing/ tourism guide for any visitor. There are still lot of places yet to be seen. 🙂

1. Bull Temple – It is situated in Basavanagudi ( Basava means bull in Kannada). It is the oldest temple built in the Dravidian style by Kempe Gowda, founder of Bangalore and has a monolithic Nandi, the bull (vahana or vehicle of Lord Shiva). Karnataka Tourism website tells me the imposing sculpture of Nandi measures 4.57 meters in height in height and 6.10 meters in length. There is a legend associated with the…

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20 thoughts on “Bangalore Chronicle

  1. Though I lived in Bangalore earlier, I never went to any tourist places back then! Now I am having to go as a tourist!! One can never know when and how they pick up interest in things (in my case travel).

    Where are you back? Your this last post still dates almost a month ago. In a month, we generally write about 10 posts these days 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • I am back as in back in blogosphere..doing the other duty of a blogger i.e. reading and commenting..bloggers write 10 posts these days but hardly comment on others. Anyway as soon as I catch up, I will post. First I have to tackle my Google reader.

  2. Ah wonderful! add the big banyan tree to the list too! Been to most of these places.. but ulsoor lake in the evening is my fav stop .

    been here for past 7 years almost and loving it still

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