नौकरी की तलबगार

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.”~ Oscar Wilde

I had resigned from my job in July 2011 after working for 6.5 years and moved to Bangalore with D. After being in the teaching profession for so long and loving and enjoying it to the core, I couldn’t think of any other career. But I had no idea that the search for a new job in Bangalore would be hard even when there are so many engineering colleges here. For the same reason I had not searched for a job before resignation. Though I admit I was not that proactive in the beginning because I was kind of enjoying the break from work and was also busy setting up home and playing host & good DIL to in-laws. 🙂 But soon enough I became proactive and here is my tale of job search in Bangalore.  Why a whole post on a topic like job search? Because it is my first experience of job hunting. My first job is the only job I have ever been in and I had got that quite easily. I stayed at same job and same place for 6.5 years.

So I shortlisted all colleges in feasible distance [ until one doesn’t live and travel in Bangalore, one can’t imagine how tiring and frustrating it could be to go to a place even only 15 km away] and sent my résumé to them. But the response was nil out of reasons I couldn’t fathom because with my qualifications and experience I hadn’t expected a dearth in offers! Recession could not be the reason as education industry is booming as usual [it is another matter that teachers don’t paid the amount they deserve]. Could it be regionalism? I don’t know for sure but I feel regionalism is one of the factors at play in educational institutes here.

In September I received a call for interview from an Engineering college near to our home. I met the Principal but didn’t like the standard of the college or the students. After having worked in one of the top colleges of my state, I was not ready to settle for such a college. So I didn’t pursue the offer further. Job applications and resume mailing continued further. I even visited few colleges personally.

One more thing that has struck me odd about Engineering colleges here is that they don’t have good websites or if they do, they don’t mention the faculty names in websites and even if they do that too, I have not found a single college which mentions its lab staff in its website. Also in one college, the one where they charged me for parking, I had gone to ask upfront why wasn’t I called for interview [yeah, I was pretty pissed as I had applied in person the day their ad came in Ascent. I had really hoped for this one as the college is good and near to our home] I had a meeting with the HoD and while we were talking, two first year students of his stream came to ask for their ID cards. And the HoD went on to do such a trivial job himself!! 😮 Such things used to be handled by the office attendant in my ex-department. Come to think of it, I didn’t see any such staff around too. Are there no office attendants in Engineering colleges over here? 😐

Anyway so nothing came out of my meeting and my job search continued.

In December, I received an interview call from another Engineering college on Mysore road which is like 30 kms from our home. Still we decided to go for experience sake. I had been asked to prepare a demo lecture of 15 mins on any topic. Studying after a break is so hard!! Reading textbooks is the sure cure for insomnia I tell you! They had asked to come by 9 am and we reached 15 mins early, that too on a Sunday morning! Poor D! They had scheduled interviews for all streams on the same day and so many candidates had come! Their arrangement was disorganized and by the time my turn [Interview was conducted experience wise and I was third on list] came it was 12.30 pm! The interview went well [though I didn’t like the HoD’s ridiculing and smirking nature] and they had arranged for a good lunch for all the candidates. Feed me to please me 😀 But sadly their offer was lower than what I used to get [ Was shocked to know that in Karnataka, colleges still follow the 5th Pay Commission guidelines ] and so I flatly refused them and we came home.

Getting a job had become not only about financial independence or double income – more comfort – more stability but also about retaining one’s confidence and knowing one’s worth in this new city. Even if I chose to become a homemaker, it would be on my terms not because no one hired me!! The uncertainty was frustrating and the crashing of plans disappointing. Not to mention the same question from relatives and friends and ex-colleagues repeatedly on every phone call – “Have you got a job yet?” Aarghhhh! 😡

For many people a job is more than an income – it’s an important part of who we are. So a career transition of any sort is one of the most unsettling experiences you can face in your life.  ~Paul Clitheroe

The title of my post is inspired from this famous song sung by Kishore Kumar in his film Naukri in 1954. Listen to it from 1:42 min

एक छोटी सी नौकरी का तलबगार हूँ मैं

तुमसे कुछ और जो मांगू तो गुनहगार हूँ मैं

एक छोटी सी नौकरी का तलबगार हूँ मैं

Rest of the tale in my next post. To be continued.


50 thoughts on “नौकरी की तलबगार

  1. Being in one city and applying for a job in a different city could be challenging. I did it twice. But fortunately in our industry, the network was good and hence when someone somewhere was looking for people, we get to know. It was a small world (my previous line of work).

    I wonder how people can stay in the same company for 6.5 years. In the same 6.5 years, I had already worked in five companies across three cities 🙂 Yeah, I too think it was too much!

    Destination Infinity

  2. Oh its tough to get job of our choice,specially in education,Bangalore is a lovely place but when in comes to job hunting every place is same and getting a job which gives a satisfaction of doing something creative for our growth too is even harder..
    That last cartoon is really the situation people want us to work for peanuts which i did work for once cos the environment was good and it gave me creative satisfation and liberty.

  3. First time commenting here 🙂

    I guess it is difficult to get a job satisfying all the criteria na…but I dont believe that this is the standard of colleges in Bangalore which is known for its good colleges 😦

  4. Ask me, I have perpetually been in search of a job 😦
    Sometimes life has some other plans for us isn’t it? But I am sure with your experience you will be getting a job very soon. Yes regionalism is there everywhere and contacts do help Reema.
    I feel queer when I address ur name as am also Reema 😀

  5. Searching for a job is one of most spirit-crushing endeavors ever.

    I remember there was a series of articles in NYT or some paper, after extensive poll/ surveys- the small letters written by readers were really saddening. Searching for a job is tough, and it affects you psychologically at many levels when you are stressed and unable to find anything suitable.

    For example: http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/03/28/the-enduring-consequences-of-unemployment/

  6. That’s dismal!!! And this is the very reason that I donot even try looking for a new job. The whole process till u get a job can be depressing.
    Hope to read that u have got a good job in post 2 🙂

  7. As someone who has changed 12 jobs in 4 years (I did everything from minimum wage sales jobs to actually working for reputed companies during that time frame) – all job changes being a result of lay offs on account of the tanking economy, I totally get your frustration. All I’ll say is hang in there. You will find something that’s perfect – you just need to have the patience to wait for it and not rush into the first position that’s available. Good luck

  8. Oh dear! That sounds so disheartening. I am sure you will find the best job for yourself. I would have thought that Bangalore being a big metro would have far more options. And it is also disheartening that professions like teaching don’t seem to have the importance that it should have..

  9. Suprise to know that inspite of lot of enggineering college it’s difficult to find a job here!! Anyways, the standard is not that great here what I have realised after looking at the students and the college. I would say hard time :-/ Loved the song. It’s relating to your feeling very much.
    All the best .
    “This too will pass ”
    P.S. : you can try MSRIT or RVCE if anyone of these are near to your place.

  10. The job hunt still goes on 😦 All the best Reema.. hope you find a job of your liking with right salary 🙂

    Never thought an experienced person will find difficulties in getting a job..

  11. hugs!

    I hope everything works out for you and that you get the job your heart desires!
    I know its going to be hard getting back on the job market after a break now!!
    Right now, I’m just going to concentrate on enjoying my break! 😀

  12. Good luck for the job hunt Reema.. guess what, I am sailing in the same boat.. quit my job and now desperately wanna start working again.. I am unable to sit at home after working for so many years 😦

  13. Yeah..I m not very good at jobsearching, but eventually I had become one now! With my husband’s job transferring to different countries, I have become an expert in understanding the new labour market and getting a job for myself. And when we don’t get any response for the jobs, it pisses me off to the core! Sometimes it’s a decision you make – do you want to stick to what your passion is or take up any job that you can do!

  14. The fact that jobs are being advertised, and your being contact for interviews is reassuring, albeit your not accepting due to the terms, that jobs are still up for grabs. It’s only matter of time, you will get the right one – as the worst thing you can do is to accept a job where you are not happy – there will be more disadvantages than advantages.

  15. You can be a English teacher in any school (or start a coaching class or something;) .. why bother with Engineering 😀
    Thank god you have not seen my (Govt) engineering college, :O you would start a protest for poor students studying there 😀
    Best of luck. (and I wasn’t kidding about private coaching classes, you can always do that if you are up to the challenge)..

    • Cuz I love teaching Engineering only. You sound like my neighbor who advised me to take accounts tuition 😐 Pvt tuition class needs lot of investments.

  16. Oh My God!! That’s such a tough experience! It’s difficult to accept sub-standard things when you have experienced the best earlier! Have faith… something will work out for you!
    Best of luck!

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  18. Landed on your blog and loved you say on the job hunt…sometimes when you get der with ease you neva look back to the otherwise struggle that you juz skipped…my blog is dare2write.wordpress.com…ever get time comeover and read a bit ..(I am not as good as you but i like writing)

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