नौकरी की तलबगार भाग २

A sequel to this post

2012 began. I had been six months out of job. But those six months had been quite busy – visits from in-laws, parents, brother-in-law, sightseeing trips and then there was settling down in a new city.

As soon as March began, I got two calls for interview. One for a position in an Engineering college and another for a position in GATE Coaching Institute.

I had to go to the interview of the former one alone (as in no company from D) as it was on a weekday. Ended up chit-chatting with other candidates to kill time. A funny but thought-provoking conversation took place with one of them. But more on that in another post. Somehow, I am quite casual at my interviews and don’t feel any nervousness. In fact in my first job interview, the Principal of the college was taking my interview and I was replying to his questions. In the end he said – “One more thing..will you be able to teach in English?” My reply was – “Sir, I have talked to you in English all this time!” I got the job but looking back, I think that was a cheeky reply 😀 I am like that! Not easily intimidated.

In this interview too, the first round with relevant experts and HR went well. The experts and HR were quite nice and smiling. Then I was asked to wait for the second round which will be taken by the Vice Chancellor. That gentleman was so pleasant and charming!! He even stood up when I went in for the interview. I was glad I didn’t meet any “khadoos” person. [any term to describe khadoos in English?] I ended up telling him that they have a flawed scheme of subjects for the first year students 😀 😀

He set up a date for my demo lecture and said “that day we will discuss your suggestion too.” 😳 Anyway so I cleared the second round and was free by lunch time. Meanwhile the interview for the second job went well and they were supposed to call me back for demo but they haven’t done that yet!! I wonder how come a GATE coaching institute isn’t interested in my profile!! But I am also glad they didn’t call again. If they had and I had been selected, it would have been a dilemma because the institute is quite far from my home.

So the date for demo was drawing closer and no matter how much I motivated myself to study and make a PowerPoint presentation [HR head directed me to make a ppt of 45 mins; a normal lecture period in colleges I assumed, for the demo], I just could not get around to do it. You know how it is with us engineers…unless the exam date is on our heads, we don’t start studying and that habit never goes away 😀 During the prep leave all kinds of things distract us and we just can’t focus on the task ahead. I started playing Angry Birds on Facebook in between study-making-presentation breaks and completed ALL levels of EACH game. :mrgreen:

The demo was on 15th and by 14th I had almost nothing. [There is no emoticon for shame??] And it looked it will be an all nighter as usual..the end-of-moment work that I do and about which my parents always scolded me about 😀 But as the good luck I always seem to have [Touchwood!], the receptionist called and informed me that my demo has been postponed. Yayyyy!! So I worked hard and completed my demo in the extra two days I got by chance. 😀

But I knew, from experience of conducting, participating and listening in many seminars, none of the elderly professors are able to pay attention for 45 minutes. They all start dozing no matter how interesting is the topic or the presenter! 🙂 Maybe because they have the habit of speaking not listening!

Anyway the HR had asked me and so I followed the instructions. During my demo, after 20 slides (around 15 mins) I asked the two professors and the HR head “Hope I am not going too fast” and one of the professors said “no no not at all..in fact how many more slides are there?” as expected 😀 I said “I was instructed for 45 mins so….” The HR head piped up in my support “yes yes..do continue” I was grinning inside knowing the plight of the poor professors 😀 Still I finished in 30 mins due to my fast pace. So my demo and the discussion after that went well…they told me they will let me know the result in few days. Sigh!! the wait again! 😦 In 3-4 days they called and I got the job!! Yayyyy! 😀 The offer was okay, at least in 6th pay range unlike other state colleges and it is near to my home!! Back to teaching – my passion, my calling! Yayyy!

So dear readers, come 1st August, a new chapter will soon begin in my life…new city, new work place, students from a new background-region-culture, new rules, new methods, new responsibilities…..looking forward to sharing more student anecdotes, more observations from my side of the bench,more stealthily taken twitpics, along with experience of handling both home and work for the first time 😀

P.S. I don’t know how much real blogging of job related stuff will be possible because unlike my ex-workplace, students of Bangalore are more tech savvy. 😉

18 thoughts on “नौकरी की तलबगार भाग २

  1. Good to know about your new job, that too at a place that is near to your home. Generally, Engineering colleges are located far from the city, so you are lucky. I guess I can start asking you some electrical doubts I have 🙂 I have grand and innovative ideas in the electrical/energy field (you should have read a couple of them in my blog), but no one seems to be interested in them. I guess it’s because of some minor technical issues. These are standing between me, world-peace-sustaining-innovations & greatness 😀

    Destination Infinity

  2. Yayy! Congrats on your new job Reema..and on the job that you’re so passionate about!
    What subjects will you be teaching? The students must be lucky to have a smart professor like you! We used to get grumpy, fat, old professors then 😦
    What does the title of the post mean (in english, pls?)

  3. Many congratulations for the job 🙂

    I’m sure that you will do well adn all the students will get benefited by your knowledge and with your passion of teaching !

    Best Luck !


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