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It has been a long time since I did any tag on my blog. And before the year ends, I should post on my dearest but highly neglected blog. In fact there are three more things I need to do on my blog like all other bloggers before year ends – write a protected post, invite another blogger to do a guest post and take up a NaBloPoMo challenge and flood the inbox-es/ Google readers etc of my blog followers!! Maybe I will make these my new year blog resolutions 😀

Anyway so I was tagged by Moonstone to do this tag. She is someone I know personally since my childhood and I enjoy reading her blog very much because of her witty and humorous with a mix of sarcasm style of writing. Not only is she a great blogger but also a good artist! Check out her blog at The Motley Collection.

First the rules set by Moonstone.

1. You are tagged. (Note for all those who I tag: You should write an introductory note of the person who tagged you in glowing terms)

2. You give links to posts that belong to each of the following categories

1) Your most beautiful post.
2) Your most popular post
3) Your most helpful post
4) Your most controversial post
5) A post whose success surprised you
6) A post that you thought did not get the attention it deserved
7) A post which you are most proud of

3. You select five bloggers for passing on the tag and tell them about their being tagged.


Writing about the tagger in glowing terms – Done. 😀 Also directed traffic to your blog! 😉

Choosing posts for the tag was a really brainstorming work! But it was an enjoyable task as I went through many of my old posts and re read them. It filled me with energy and inspiration to get back to blogging with my old spirit. So here goes the tag.

My most beautiful post –  I hardly write emotional and touching posts or poetry on my blog so this one was hard to choose because of the sheer lack of beauty in my posts 🙂 But if you talk about the essence of beauty then this post in which I announced the arrival of my dearest niece is my most beautiful post. The post is – Baby Parul

My most popular post – Ahhh! I can choose this one on the basis of which post got the most comments. Easy – peasy! The post is – Lost Love and Fair Skin

My most helpful post – Umm! helpful in what sense? tips and tricks sort of helpful or emotionally helpful or recipe type helpful? Well I will go for helpfulness about tourism. Or maybe I should go for helpfulness in terms of how to kill a lizard. Hmmmm…. For people interested in tourism Bangalore Chronicle and for people interested in latter (which I am sure are more in number than tourists) In Memoriam

My most controversial post – Hah! I usually try to avoid controversies on my blog …simply because it leads to long comments and therefore long replies and I am very lazy. But still I managed to raise the hackles of few people who misconstrued my post. The post was Religion and Respect.

A post whose success surprised me – This post is one of the all time top ten most viewed posts and every year on the D-Day I get comments and likes. A blogger even plagiarized the entire post at his website!! Thankfully he took it down after one email from me and before I went on a rampage. The post is – Engineers’ Day.

A post that I thought did not get the attention it deserved – Sigh!!! Most of the posts I write nowadays or reblog at my blog hardly receive any attention except 2-3 people (to whom I am very grateful for being there) but if I have to choose then …… Looks like most of my usual commentors (and readers) don’t like my humorous Hindi poems which I create and rhyme so painstakingly. The post is – Mere Piya Gaye Swedoon.

A post which I am most proud of – OMG!! 300 posts later [ including this one 😉 😉 ] asking me to choose only one post I am most proud of is like asking a mother the toughest question about which child she loves the most!! 😀 Can I cheat on this one and mention three of my favorite posts? Sigh!! I will stick to the rules and pick only one post. This post is a result of years of professional experience and observation, a post which every reader can identify himself/ herself with and which makes them nostalgic and which I hope will cross 100 comments after mentioning here 😀 The post is – Classification of Students.

Phew!! Done!! I don’t know how many bloggers have already done this tag. So please feel free to pass the tag. Now I tag Rajesh, Bikram, Amit, Mandira and Ishmeet.

17 thoughts on “The Post Tag

  1. I have done something very similar to this tag, but that one had five questions. I’ll try to do this, but it might be similar to the readers…

    I like your new year resolutions. Except the Nablomowhatever, I am in favor of you doing the other two. I think I have read most of your posts, but few seem new to me. Will check them out shortly…

    Destination Infinity

  2. Happy New Year! I came back to reminisce that you wrote little poems when you barely knew how to write. The best was, of course, “Mere Pitachi”. I love all your poem posts.

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