Taking The Plunge

So I have blogged since 5.8 years now and there are few things I have never done on my blog. But now I have decided to do one of those things….i.e. to take the plunge of posting daily for the month of July. 😀

Just like electric shock is given to resuscitate a dying patient, my blog also needs a shock. Same goes for the readers 😉 Though it may not be the right time given the Google Reader is closing down.


One of the reasons I can think of taking up this challenge is that we are having semester break at work now. Which means no classes and very less work. 🙂 So people wish me luck and keep reading and commenting to encourage me! I need it badly! 🙂

I will be taking up a similar challenge at my group photo blog which is almost dead 😦 Last post was in July 2012!!! Shame on me! So I have decided to post a photo daily on the photo blog. Would love if the photographer in you hops there and subscribes to that blog. 😀

So the one month marathon begins……

7 thoughts on “Taking The Plunge

  1. Good idea to keep your blog updated. Even if you are not able to write a long article, at least try to write one short article during this month. I too would love to participate in one of these post-every-month challenges, but my current load doesn’t allow me to. Hoping to jump into the bandwagon someday… 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  2. Good idea I have realised that challenges does make us write regularly. I have also signed up for a monthly challenge.

  3. Well I think the Idea should work.. given that you might loose some of the readers through the shutdown of GReader 😦 But with the influx of posts daily.. i think that should help the blog and your blogging 😛

    P.S: My blog too needs such a CPR desperately..

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