Day 2: Random Rants

#1 Dear Dr.XYZ, Convener of ABC Conference and countless other people who do the same thing include telecallers,

After we had a conversation on telephone and I sincerely believe I do sound like a girl/woman [Male bloggers like Suda and Vimal can verify], how come you address me as “Dear Sir” in your email/call ? And after I replied back with my name highlighted in bold, red color and increased font size, why do you still continue with that? 👿

Readers, tell me how to diplomatically point out the error to that person?

#2 Dear Person driving with his small child in his lap and his 2 counterparts I saw on the road,

What are you thinking? That you are a very cool father or a cool driver? How can you be so irresponsible? and to the mother sitting beside, how can you allow such a thing? Few years later you will be very proud parents when your underage kid will start driving your car. I am worried about the child’s future. Some of them will grow up and become those drunk spoiled brats who drive their SUVs on people sleeping on the footpath. Wish we had stricter traffic police. Your license should be cancelled. 👿

#3 Dear Nth person asking me “so you are not a Bengali” when I tell my hometown is in Chattisgarh

All Bengalis DO NOT live in Kolkata. Firstly West Bengal consists of many cities other than Kolkata. Secondly many Bengalis have resided outside WB since many years and for many years. And home is where we have been born and brought up, where we have lived atleast 18 years of our life! Not where my lineage is from. I always have to repeat the same dialogue “my roots are in Kolkata but I have been born and brought up in Chattisgarh” and then pat comes the next question “so you are not a Bengali?” Grrrrr 👿

#4 Dear Kannadiga people in my Lunchmates group

Lunch is a common conversation time for all members in the group…to eat and chat together. By starting off in Kannada between 4 of you, the remaining three of us feel very isolated and bad. When all of us can talk and understand English and Hindi, resorting to Kannada is not good IMHO. A lunch or dinner conversation at a table should involve all the people sitting at the table. Please speak in a common language.

Phew!! Feeling lighter after getting these rants off my mind.

7 thoughts on “Day 2: Random Rants

  1. lol @ 1 but yes it does get irritating!

    2 is criminal and sadly I have seen a colleague doing the same….

    3 Again must be irritating but you know what every Bengali that I met in Orissa used to tell Kolkotta is their hometown!! It was as if there was no other town in WB!!

    4 I suffer from this a lot!!! Ppl start talking in Marathi and I start checking my mobile!

  2. lol.. how can someone do that ?!! (for 1). Why are people always bothered about where somebody is from, I wonder?! How does it matter where the roots are?!
    I disagree a little bit on #4 though. I think it is important to learn the local language, irrespective of where you are living in. You cannot blame the local people for talking in their local language right?

    • Trying to learn Kannada but it is not easy at all. so it is taking time till then I think we can expect to have a common discussion at lunch time. Rest of the time anyway they converse in local language.

      • yeah that is bad on their part. Have faced it many times in my earlier job where there was a gang which used to converse in Tamil all the time. Can totally understand it.

  3. oh dear!! hugs dear!!
    I can understand your frustration!! The number of times I have been addressed as sir! Sheesh!

    And the whole lunch thing – that’s a terrible thing to go thru. It happens here too… everyone starts talking in Telugu and I have to either walk away or ask for translation or simply sit… all 3 options are pretty uncomfortable!

  4. Oh Gosh..

    1> Options:
    a) Just put it politely & clearly. I should correct you. I am a madam not a sir.
    b) reply “Dear Madam”

    2> Much larger problems in the country when it comes to traffic rules & who gets licenses here. This is just one example.

    3> I can relate to this the most. Back in the UK, I was simply an Indian, or Asian.
    Since I’ve come to India, I’m not. I’m either an NRI, a firang, a Gujarati. In all honesty, I should just come to terms with the fact that people will make their own labels to slot you into some category just out of ignorance and laziness, it’s the rational thing to do, I’m even guilty of it myself, but on the flip-side, it is still irksome that people don’t take the time to learn enough to slot you in the right category at least.

    4> It is ‘rude’ in some cultures, but not all are well-versed in culture. Try politely educating if it’s a constant hindrance, perhaps, if it feels worth the effort, else you could just spit on them & say it’s showing love in some language of your own. 😛

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