Day 20: Letting It All Go

I don’t remember the first book I picked up….I think it was an Archie 🙂 After that I moved onto Enid Blyton, Carolyn Keene, Franklin W.Dixon, Erle Stanley Gardner and so on. Our book collection expanded like anything with more contribution from my sister as she is a bookworm!
Many timeless books like Malory towers, St.Clares series were passed on to me by a very dear friend.

After I moved to Bangalore, I discovered a group on Facebook called “Second to None” whose motto is Reduce Reuse and Recycle. They aim to do this by sharing recycling ideas, discussing ways to reduce consumption of harmful materials and encourage buying used goods instead of new. They have over 15k members and is the brainchild of 3 ladies.  They organize events like the periodic flea markets where people can sell their used and upcycled stuff.

So after joining the group, I got the brainwave of selling all the old books so that others can read them instead of them lying around and getting yellow. My Dad sent over the books in more than 10 big cartons and I sold almost all of them through the group. That was a hectic time…arranging pick ups, scheduling with people etc because we stay a bit on the outskirts of Bangalore. So not only I emptied space in cupboards but also made money in the process and the books have passed on to other readers to be read as is the best use of a book. So many memories were refreshed while handling the old books. Some of the books were prizes given to us by teachers.



Boy! Were we possessive about our books. Whenever I lent some book to my friend, I gave her specific instructions. Still she had once written with pen in the book. 👿 Then once I had the dream of opening a library with all the books we had. But that idea never took off.

It was hard letting go of the precious and cared for books. And in doing so I realized that of all the books I have, I can never let go of our Asterix, Tintin, Harry Potter and Russian books collection. 🙂

What are the books you can never let go of?

6 thoughts on “Day 20: Letting It All Go

  1. There is one book I can never let go of, ‘The Rise and Fall of Third Reich’ by William S Shirer. He has written non-fiction book like a Thriller on my (erstwhile) favorite topic – World War II 🙂 I think it is very difficult to write an engaging non-fiction account that exceeds 500 pages and sustains the interest of the readers throughout!!

    Destination Infinity
    PS: Looks like you were very strong in Sanskrit 🙂 But one question I have is, why did they not gift you Sanskrit books?

    • Sanskrit was just a subject to us..we were not interested in reading sanskrit books and dont know if they were available! One prize belongs to my sister and one to me.

  2. I can never part with my Enid Blyton books especially the Malory Towers series, and all the fairy tales, which now will go to my son who wants to read all the popular stories because I have been narrating them to him at bed times. Currently he wants to read Jack and the beanstalk. Actually I find it pretty difficult to part with my books.

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