Day 21: Sad Day

On July 21, my sister, BIL and my niece were on their way to Italy from Copenhagen. They had two bags as hand luggage. One of the bags which contained two laptops, one tablet, one mobile and two pen drives was stolen in the most professional way from the inside of the airport building. All the important data, passport, resident card, research work, photos..everything gone. A loss of Rs 2 lakh at least. Add to that the fact they had to cancel their flight to Italy and lose money in that process. Denmark being a country with very low crime rate has low staff in law and order. The airport has no CCTV cameras and public can enter the airport building! The police and staff are themselves saying “There is a slim chance of getting the stuff back”. They and the public just blame the East European immigrants for these sort of organized theft and crime in their country, but don’t seem to do anything about it.

So it was a sad, tensed and shocking day for all of us. It was like 5 years of their lives has been wiped out. I was not in a mood to post anything. So I am posting now and backdating it.


8 thoughts on “Day 21: Sad Day

  1. That’s really sad and if the staff feels that East European immigrants are the culprits then maybe there should be some sort of security measures so that others don’t bear the brunt of this professional theft.

  2. There are no CCTV’s inside Denmark airports and people are freely allowed to pass through them? Trusting people too much has its negatives, I guess. That reminds all of us – Physical stuff like laptops can be bought once again, but what about data. We need to back up important data regularly on the cloud. Just hoping they will get their stuff and data back.

    Destination Infinity

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