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Day 16: Wise Words

Day 15: My Current Favorites

Just a list of my current favorite things

My Favorite TV Show : The Big Bang Theory or TBBT as we fans call it. It is a MUST watch for everybody who loved ‘FRIENDS’, love science, all DC/Marvel etc comics and those who are geeks themselves. The humor is different from  that of FRIENDS and the romantic stuff is very cute. And who would not love Sheldon Cooper and his idiosyncrasies?


My Favorite Rcent Movie: Barfi! The romance, the sentiment, the emotion, the acting, the story, the songs…a super-hit movie. I cried at theater and at home. Again a must watch but not for the unromantic people. But one thing – the super thin bony Ileana D’Cruz portraying a Bong girl..the Bong neighbors and relatives must have hounded her mother like anything saying “Eyy Maa! Eto Roga Mey Ta. Bhalo korey khawan na? Harr jirjire chehara! Ishh!” 😉 translation – “oh my god! the girl is so thin. Don’t you feed her well? such a bony figure!”


My Favorite Song :- Kaun Mera sung by Chaitra from the movie Special 26. Such a melodious song.

My Favorite Dessert :- Brownie with Ice cream and that too the one US Pizza has on its menu. Its simply awesome and has made me like chocolate sauce!!


At this point, D is insisting that I should mention “My favorite Husband” with his name 🙄 I suspect he liked reading about himself on my famous blog. 😀

Day 14: Feeling of Accomplishment

Horrors of horror!! The unlucky number 13 again struck the innocent victim. And made her forget about her vow, her challenge completely! 😦 😦 😦

So should she give up the challenge or continue with it as if nothing happened ?

Well I think I will continue with it. Yesterday with chores and shopping trip, I completely forgot the challenge! 😦

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Day 11: Fishy Talk

So I have completed ten days of daily blogging which is around one third of the month!! Phew!! and Yayy!!

Now coming to the topic, let me narrate an incident.

One evening, on our way to a shopping complex, I stopped at a pharmacy store. While I was inside, my Dad called on my mobile and we conversed in Bengali. After the call ended, the shopkeeper asked me ” Are you a Bengali or Oriya?” (Now the population of both Bongs and Oriya people is high in Bangalore and Kannadigas can’t tell the difference). The conversation proceeded like this

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Day 10: Movie Review – Despicable Me 2

Yesterday we went for the sequel of the movie “Despicable Me”. D and I try not to miss any animation movies that are released 🙂 But since he didn’t like Monsters Inc., he was reluctant to go for the prologue type sequel Monsters University. Now I have to watch it on DVD. 😦 In recent times we have seen The Croods, Epic and Hotel Transylvania and out of my laziness I have not written any reviews.

So Despicable Me was good and though I remember posting a review, I couldn’t find it in my blog. So again laziness is to blame. “Despicable Me 2” is the much-anticipated adventure comedy sequel to the first installment that came out in 2010. Despicable Me 2 starts where Despicable Me left off.

Despicable-2-Gru and his three adopted orphan daughters Margo, Edith and Agnes are a happy family now. Gru has left his villainous ways and  has started a new business of producing jams and jellies (which taste horrid) with the help of his cute yellow minions and Dr. Nefario. Meanwhile a top-secret research facility in the Arctic Circle is “abducted” by a villain using a huge magnet for a dangerous serum which has the potential to turn a harmless living being to be ferocious and invincible.

The AVL (Anti Villian League) sends one of its agents, Lucy Wilde, to bring Gru to headquarters to recruit his help to find this bad guy. Meantime, someone starts abducting Gru’s minions for a devious purpose.  The main narrative has the subplots of Gru trying to protect the teenager Margo and Gru finding love. Does he succeed in completing his mission, saving his daughter and wooing his lady? Who is this bad guy? What does he want with Gru’s minions? To know all that watch the movie!

The yellow gibberish-speaking, goggle-eyed Minions had won the audience’s hearts in the first “Despicable Me” and the sequel takes their role to a higher level with a major part of the plot centering around them. And they succeed again!! Like the penguins in Madagascar series, they are the real show stealer. Animation is great but I feel 3 D was unnecessary. Or if it was going to be 3 D, then enthralling scenes should be incorporated. Also crude humor and fart jokes could have been avoided. The movie could have been more witty and the story more taut with little more suspense. The character of Agnes is endearing. But overall it is an enjoyable movie. And soon market is going to be flooded with Minions merchandise 🙂

Don’t just leave after the movie is over. Wait for the end credits. There’s a hilarious little sequence which hints at a spin-off movie to be released starring the Minions.

Day 9: Wise Words

I am still worried and undecided about the new job offer I talked about in this post. Should I take the leap of faith or not? Sigh! Kya kare ki na kaisi mushkil hai.