Movie Review – Shaadi Ke Side/Effects

The sort of prequel to this movie “Pyaar Ke Side Effects” starring Rahul Bose and (shudder) Mallika Sherawat (who surprisingly actually acted and did it well) is one of our (D and I) favorite movies. We love the song “Jaane Kya Chahe Mann” from that movie!! So it was only natural that when the sequel Shaadi ke Side/Effects was announced, we were very eager to watch it. We went to watch it on 1st March and here is the review.

ImageThe Story:- Sid (now played by Farhan Akhtar) and Trisha (now played by Vidya Balan) are a modern happily (and newly?) married couple. Soon after a drunken night of love-making where Sid forgets to use protection, Trisha discovers that she is pregnant. Though she wants to have the baby, Sid does not and they agree for an abortion. But Sid changes his mind and they decide to become parents. Thus begins the story of a young couple and more importantly that of a young husband’s journey in becoming a father.

The Review:- To begin with, the movie is almost entirely from the husband’s point of view. So maybe the husbands could relate and maybe the wives could take some jokes on themselves and open their eyes; but the way life changes for a woman, how overwhelming everything becomes for a mother and wife is just done away with a dialogue which upon hearing after the movie has started to stretch and become a bore, becomes negligible and lost on the audience.

The lead pair is brilliant in their acting but it is the story that fails. The first half is witty and hilarious and reminds us of the prequel but since we have seen some of the humorous dialogues in trailers on TV, they fail to induce laughter again. The intuitiveness is lacking in the script. The writer has missed out on so many small things of a married couple which could have spiced up the depiction of the side effects!! For example – whether to keep the ceiling fan on or off during the night because in most of couples, one partner feels hot whereas the other one feels cold. Right? 🙂 The only example of a lie is NOT when a wife asks “am I looking fat in this dress” and the husband replies “no dear”. There could have been better examples.

The second half is just like a story moving without direction and purpose.  Too many new characters are introduced with no meaningful contribution to the story be it Sid’s stoned room-mate played by Vir Das or the governess played by Ila Arun. Its sort of confused and exaggerated and doesn’t work towards culminating into a good climax and a superb ending. The crispness of the screenplay is gone. But yes the climax is a bit surprising but not in a pleasant way.

The songs don’t leave an impression in the mind to make us hum later. [After watching Lego the movie I kept singing “Everything Is Awesome” the whole way back home :D] Nothing worth downloading and listening to over and over.

Overall just a one time watch for married couples with or without children.

P.S. # The dialogue “Biwi apne pati ke bina reh sakti hai, bai ke bina nahi” [ A wife can live without her husband but not without her house-help woman] is kinda stolen from ME!!! I always say that to my friends and even tweeted it. I should have copyrighted it!! 😀

# They have tried to show 2 major side effects of a marriage – child and maid. But they missed out the first one which comes in the marriage even before a child does. So as I tweeted, the movie Shaadi ke side/effects is like a dish which lacks salt because they have missed out on the most important side effect – as many of my female readers will agree – the Mother in Law!!! 😀 😀 😉

11 thoughts on “Movie Review – Shaadi Ke Side/Effects

  1. Saw the movie and my thoughts are on the same lines. It could have been so much better especially with all those good actors. It is a movie that was failed by the story.

    More than ‘Pyaar ke Side Effects’ the movie reminded me of ‘Pyaar ka Punchnaama’ which is made completely made from a guys perspective. Though I must admit PKP was very funny and I enjoyed watching the movie inspite of its misogynistic overtones.

    Vir Das’ character may be completely unnecessary for the story but I loved the change. Brought some change when we were getting really bored 😛

  2. I felt the same after seeing this movie. I loved the first half, but most of the good dialogues/ humour is already shared in the trailer (like the tholia and einstein job; the snorring joke etC). 2nd half was really way too dragging, and the director/storywriter has lost track of the actual story and kind of deviated! I liked Farhan’s acting though!

  3. You know what, I kept humming “Everything is Awesome” too! Everything is awesome when you are part of a team…ta da!
    Err, sorry. 😛 Interesting review. I thought the movie could have been far better. There were too many plot loopholes to count. But I went to watch it for Akhtar and can’t say he disappointed me. 🙂

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  5. hmmm a good review, I will download and watch this one for sure 🙂 I think the people did not want to put mother in law in the movie because EVERYONE has them he he he so its understood he he he

    How are you .. been a long time .. remember me 🙂 he he he

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