Resolution for 2015

How time flies! It is 2015 now. In my 2013 review post, I had taken the resolution to be more active in blogging, reading and commenting in 2014. Well…that didn’t happen obviously. Don’t you think taking a resolution is actually jinxing that thing? 😀 Only 6 posts in 2014!! My yearly WordPress report is going to have a “D” grade 😀 !! I have still not seen the report!! My last post, a book review,was in September. Sigh!!

How did I let this happen to my once famous blog? I celebrate my birthday every year so enthusiastically but since last two years I have ignored my blog, an integral part of me and my identity, even on its birthday!! 😦 Where and when did I lose the energy and motivation? When did I become so lazy at blogging? ( I admit I am lazy generally :-P) There has been no dearth of topics but somehow they don’t get transformed into posts.

As you can guess, my still loyal reader, academic session has ended at work and now I am free enough to open my dying blog and attempt to resuscitate it. 🙂 This last session has been HECTIC….5 subjects to handle and that too 2 subjects very tough and new as in I had never taught them before. My department is under staffed and so I am overworked. Then there is my boss. After a day at work, I don’t feel like picking up the laptop after going back home. Not even on weekends. Sigh!!

Maybe I should not aim at writing a blog post in one sitting. The key is to break blogging up into strategic, manageable chunks as suggested by this blogger in her post. To revive a dying blog, it is better to do it step by step…to slowly get back into the blogging habit. Content creation does require creativity, inventiveness, thought, energy and time which some of us just can’t muster up enough.

So, after lot of prodding and poking from D, I joined car driving school and started taking classes. Then I took the written learner test which just consists of knowing the road signs and rules. Then before my learner license expired (it is valid for 6 months), I took the driving test which is very easy. Just drive off in front of the inspector, go straight, make a U turn and come back. But actually the moment you drive off, the inspector signs off on your application. He doesn’t even sit inside the car. Reminded me of one of the cases shown in the movie Ungli. Anyway, so I am a licensed driver now. Yayyy!!! But the fear of driving has not left my heart and I have still not dared to drive on the roads of Bangalore. DL-CartoonCar driving has become one of the hardest challenges of my life!! So many parameters to keep in mind – clutch, half clutch, brake, accelerator, gear, changing gear according to speed, three mirrors, proper signalling, lane driving, width of car, reckless autorickshaws etc etc…Uffff!! It is too much even for my expert multitask-er brain. 😀

So my 2015 resolution is too overcome this challenge!! 🙂

So, my loyal reader, what is your resolution for 2015?

3 thoughts on “Resolution for 2015

  1. Welcome back! 🙂
    Resolutions often fail – ask me about it – but the good part is that you can always revive them. 🙂 Hope to read a lot from you on this awesome blog in 2015! 🙂

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