Dharmasthala – Malpe Chronicle

A work + fun road trip to Dharmasthala and Malpe..written for Blogadda in association with CEAT tyres.

Ghumakkar Chronicles

I decided to document our road trip to Dharmasthala and Malpe instead of continuing with our trip to Coorg from the first part here because it was an adventurous road trip and just right to write for the BlogAdda travel blogging activity. I am chronicling this road trip adventure for CEAT Tyres in association with BlogAdda.

Back in September 2014, when my research paper got accepted for presentation in a conference at an engineering college in Dharmasthala, I and D decided to make a trip out of it and included the nearby Malpe beach into our itinerary. We love beaches and a visit to any of the Karnataka beaches was pending in our list. So we started out after breakfast hoping to reach Dharmasthala by late afternoon. We decided to go by this route.


It was to be our second trip through Western Ghats area, the first one being the…

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One thought on “Dharmasthala – Malpe Chronicle

  1. A good read indeed! It felt like I also visited along with you two. And D has to order “just” chicken and nothing else, till now? I remember with me he would try to come out of his comfort zone, at least at times! 🙂

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