The Birthday Dilemma

November is a special month for us. It will be Keya’s first birthday on 26th November!! From being 2.77 kg and 3 weeks early to a healthy strong 9+ kg one year old! From being a fragile little thing to a walking, tumbling, exploring human!! How time flies….

Earlier I used to believe that celebrating first birthdays is just for the pleasure of parents and grandparents and torture on the babies…they get irritated at the crowd, it interferes with their schedule, makes them cranky and it is hard to handle the baby and enjoy the party. Now the difference is I still believe that but yet I want to celebrate her first birthday! I am fully aware of the task..still I want to create and capture that memory because she won’t be one again! I want to celebrate my one year of successful motherhood! Even though money is tight, I want to celebrate with the usual “taam-jhaam” of cake, decor, return gifts, photo booth etc etc!

What gives me strength is the fact we already celebrated her annaprashan (first time rice eating ceremony) at her paternal grandparents’ home (a new strange place for her) in Kolkata (first time long journey) with 100+ guests at home!! That is a tale which deserves a separate post! Anyway , so how hard will a birthday party with 45-50 guests at a party hall will be??

So the dilemma is do we take the plunge…brain says no but the heart wants what it wants.

19 thoughts on “The Birthday Dilemma

  1. Oh totally take the plunge! Years later, she will love that you did it for her. Just make sure you have at least one pic where she isn’t crying, so she has something to show her friends 😉 My first bday pics are some of my biggest nightmares 😀

    Keya is a lovely name! ❤

  2. Go with what the heart says, Reema! It will be worth it. So take the plunge. It will be fun telling your daughter all about it when she grows up.

    My daughter howled on her first bday, as though she was being when she sees the pictures and when I give her a recount of the day it turns into a good laughing session.

    All the best for the b’day planning. Best wishes to Keya. Love her name! 🙂

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