Top 5 Baby Books Illustrators

I introduced Keya to books since she was 4 months old and today she has a huge collection ranging from all types of board books to paperbacks. I also sell off the ones she has outgrown and buy new ones. So in this journey of raising a reader, I have come across many illustrators but some are so good that buying their books never misses the mark with Keya. Though each baby is different, I think all babies love picture books and good realistic bold illustrations always win them over. It is not necessary that the parent should read the text…you can just describe the pictures and tell the story being depicted. I do plan to write a post on top books for babies and toddlers but for now this post is about the top 5 illustrators of books for babies and toddlers according to me.

#1 Jez Alborough

#2 Shirley Hughes

#3 Nick Sharratt

#4 Petr Horacek

#5 Leslie Patricelli

Will describe their works in next post. Had to write a post hurriedly!! After all NaBloPoMo ka sawal hai!



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