Fable Verification


Aim – To determine whether the thirsty but clever crow in the famous Aesop fable could really bring the water up by dropping pebbles. (Real aim- to keep the toddler engaged while you work in the kitchen 😉 )

Apparatus required – one clay pot, aquarium stones, water, a bowl, a plate and a naughty toddler.

Procedure – #1 Fill pot with 1/4th water and ask the toddler to put the stones one at a time.
#2 pour out the water in the bowl and the stones on a plate and ask the toddler to repeat.
If you are lucky toddler will love the game and ask for repetition herself.
#3 repeat with 1/2 filled pot of water.
#4 go on repeating till it’s lunch time.


Observation – Substantial amount of water is required in the pot for it to rise when volume is occupied by stones. If the water is too less it gets lost within the stones.


Precautions– #1 Toddler may break the clay pot.
#2 Mouthing toddlers can’t play this game.
#3 Toddler may not be ready to end game.
#4 Water play means little spill may occur.

Conclusion – There must have been quite a lot of water in the pot ..just out of reach from the crow. (Real conclusion – toddler had lot of fun and was engaged for a good 45 minutes interrupted only by mother herself)

P.S. The professor in me could not resist writing in this manner. 😁


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