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A to Z Movie Tag Part 1

Lallopallo has tagged me for A to Z movie tag. The tag asks you to list an alphabetical list of your favorite movies, one for each letter of the alphabet. Lallopallo has asked us to write few lines about the movie too. I will try my best. Also I prefer Hollywood more than Bollywood and that too no serious movies for me 🙂

A – Animation movies, all of them. Love them for their wit, emotions, fantasy and total fun.


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Movie Reviews

Movie review in exam time?? Well as some of old readers may be knowing that I am a huge fan of animation movies and I don’t miss watching a single one, no matter what. Moreover all work and no play makes Reema a dull blogger. 🙂

madagascar-2-posterMadagascar 2 Escape to Africa, the much awaited sequel to the successful animation movie Madagascar released today in India. The movie starts with the story behind an African Lion (Alex) being an entertainer at the New York Central Park Zoo. The story is somewhat similar to the Lion King, the similarities being father of the cub being the leader of the pride and a rival lion wanting to be the leader of the pride. After the flashback, the movie comes back to the present time where Alex and his friends Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo are having the time of their lives at Madagascar.

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Movie Reviews Bonanza

I’d made the most of this weekend watching 4 movies, three in theater and one at home. Here are my reviews.

# 1 Ugly and Pagli :- An attempt at a comic & romantic love story of a slavish loser geek and a girl who is quite different – she boozes, snores weirdly and slaps at the drop of a hat. But the comedy isn’t consistent in the movie and fails to match up with post-Pyar Ke Side Effects expectations. The second half is rather boring. It was good to see Ranvir Shorey as a solo lead actor. He seemed to have potential to stay in Bollywood. Mallika Sherawat is fine until she cries. She really fails in that. Songs were fine but seemed unnecessary..typical Bollywood style..you know “its been quite a while since dialogues are going on now lets insert a song & dance number”. Overall enjoyable with good company [maybe better with gf/bf!!] and one time watchable.

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Kung Fu Panda

Hiiiyyyeeaaa !!

No thats not a new style of saying hello. Its a kung fu war cry 😀 Now for the review.

Problems :- Sadness, Depression, Stress, Monday Blues, Boredom, Grumpiness, Fight with wife/husband/gf/bf/mom/dad/sibling/friend/neighbour/boss/traffic cop/stranger on road/canteen guy/shopkeeper, Tension

Solution :- Watch Kung Fu Panda!!!!!!!

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