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Read about the Thursday Challenge at Shilpa’s, Tiku’s and Nu’s blog. Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning and this week the theme is “BLUE”. This is my entry 🙂
Dolphin’s nose, originally uploaded by Rima_B.

Dolphin’s nose is the most prominent landmark in Visakhapatnam, India. It is a single and massive hillock of more than 350mts height, resembles the Dolphin’s nose hence the name. This is the evening view.

A Talk and Test With Colors

Vishesh tagged me to talk with colors. 🙄 And he really wanted me to do the tag!! Though I am a Gemini, I don’t have such a wild imagination needed to do the tag. Anyway I have tried my best with VIBGYOR. Starting the tag from the last one and my favorite color :-

Red :- why do you love me so much when people associate me with danger or anger?

Me – I love you because you are the brightest of all and I love bright things since childhood. I associate you with energy, spirit, power…life!


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