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Best Commentator and Best Post

Until now we all have been receiving awards for our blogging styles and blog posts. Now there is an award for commentators (Shouldn’t it be commenters? Webster or rather WP dictionary should add it!) doing rounds in blogosphere. Apar gave it to me for being nice to her and Vishesh awarded me because in his words

“whether is a “phew!” or pointing out mistakes, she always comments”

Thanks dear Apar and Vishesh.shapeimage_5

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Cosmetics,Jeans and Indian Culture

So I had taken a break from blogging and was busy studying. But the Vice President of BJP Mr. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi made me come back to express my opinion. He said “kuch hamari behne..mahilayen..lipstick aur powder laga karke aur mombatti le karke aur paschimi sabhyata ke saath waha par aa karke politicians ko gaali de rahi thi. Ye theek waise hi kar rahi hai jo Jammu Kashmir me algaavadi jo hai wo bhi yehi kaam karte hai…blah blah blah”.  Translation – “Some women wearing lipstick and powder have taken to streets in Mumbai and are abusing politicians, spreading dissatisfaction against the democracy. This is what terrorists are doing in Jammu and Kashmir”. You can see him commenting at this link. Sigh! One would expect politicians to be refined, educated, progressive and most importantly to have good PR skills or at least a PR officer. Though BJP has distanced itself saying “These are Naqvi’s personal views and the party had nothing to do with it”; he has found support in RSS now. On NDTV, Sharmila Tagore requested to women that they should ignore Naqvi’s comment and that he is a nobody. By making this an issue we would be giving him way too much importance. I beg to differ because there are some things which I just have to express. And by keeping quiet we let these politicians get away with such so called gaffes.

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My Random Thoughts – Special Edition

This is a special post. After reading whole of it you will come to know what is special about it. Right now here is my blog “My Random Thoughts” inventory.

# Total views since 22 June 2008 – 26,570

# Busiest day: 565 hits — Friday, September 12, 2008.

# Same as in my earlier blog-inventory, Lallopallo’s blog is my biggest referrer. My blog has diverted maximum traffic to Amit’s blog.

# My All Time Top Ten Posts (except tags and email forwards) –

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Blogging Observations

Since the day I moved to WordPress and started getting more comments and hits [Thanks unofficial WP ambassadors 🙂 ] , I expanded my blog surfing and came across many types of posts, blogs, bloggers, readers and commenters. I also made some observations regarding all of these which made ponder over a few things. These are some of my observations regarding the blogosphere.

# Tags are narcissistic. Every other tag has a question asking what do you think about the person who tagged you. For example “List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you” in this tag or “One nice thing about the person who sent this to you?” in this one. Notice the words good and nice!! As if forcing one to praise the one who tagged you. I firmly believe whoever included these questions in tags was just looking for some praise and compliments. 😛

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Blogging Truth & C.W.S

After having experienced some weekends since I started blogging actively, I reached to this conclusion. I’m suffering from C.W.S – Comment Withdrawal Syndrome. Its typical symptoms are looking blankly at mail inbox [gmail in my case], refreshing it in the hope a new comment has come but gmail hasn’t recorded it yet, refreshing blog page to see any new viewers in FEEDJIT and checking the FeedReader even when its tray icon hasn’t gone orange to show new feeds..Meanwhile I get around accomplishing some of the resolutions posted earlier here. I do active commenting in the blogs I’d bookmarked to read later [Ishmeet must be feeling deluged right now]

I guess all experienced bloggers already know this…I’m posting this just for killing time and helping some newbies. This is the blogging truth my dears.

My blog readers & commenters seem to have a social life on weekends. On other hand there is me..whose circle of friends got separated after college, has now colleagues as friends, who lives in a small town which has only 2 or 3 hangout places and who even if hangs out there encounters many of her students & it becomes awkward. Sad state of affairs! Here is another flow diagram about my blogging process.

Please click and see enlarged view

This the reason why the bar doesn’t reach 100% in the bar graph. But as rightly said in Bhagavad Gita;
Meaning : Your freedom is only in the field of action, and not in the field of bringing about the fruits of action. Never take yourself as the cause of bringing about a karma-phala (situation), and never resort to a life of inaction.

P.S. I made these diagrams on Smart Draw. Its a wonderful software with all sorts of templates ranging from engineering diagrams to organizational charts.