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Day 31: Lessons Learned

Phew!! So July is over today. Last few days I have not blogged due to two reasons. Firstly I have been busy at work with the new semester starting on 1st August and second, the lack of comments and/or readers discouraged me to write 😦 But on the other side, a lot of gratitude is due from my side to Rajesh of Destination Infinity fame to comment on each post during this challenge. Thank you so much DI for being there!

Quoting an article ,

There are four key components that lead to blogging success:

  • quality content
  • frequent updates
  • blog exposure
  • direct interaction with readers

If any one of these components is missing, the blogger is unlikely to maintain the connections and momentum necessary to garner success. While the onus of quality lies entirely on the blogger, the other three components can easily be satisfied by participation in blog challenges.

So I took up the daily posting challenge for the entire July month. I have not been entirely successful in fulfilling my challenge. Out of 31 posts that I should have written, I have written only 23 posts including this one. I tried not to write any run of the mill posts giving daily updates from daily life just to post daily. And writing non personal posts need research and time. Not to mention that UBC thing is useless. They send mails (with blog post prompts) with one day delay according to IST and in that also they miss several times!! Anyway so here are the lessons I learned from this one month exercise.

# A blogger must take up this challenge at least once. It renews and re-energizes the creative juices. One has to forcibly put an end to the writer’s block.

# One must keep some posts scheduled especially over the weekend when one needs to spend time with family in real life. This challenge hones your planning, time management and prioritizing skills.

# Take advantage of photo post themes like Wordless Wednesdays etc when one needs a break from thinking and typing so much.

# Quality of writing improves with regular writing practice. One gains more confidence and knowledge both by writing and researching.

# The pressure of daily post leads to inspiring ideas and topics for blogging. But the same pressure is sometimes frustrating. It starts to feel like a chore and one stops enjoying. Sometimes instead of serving a lavishly and painstakingly prepared dish, one ends up serving a quick fix dish.

# This challenge requires a lot of time commitment. I was able to write 23 posts only because it’s a slow month at work due to semester break. Blogging daily (as well as a day job and chores at home) without a break can be exhausting some days, which explains the breaks I took 🙂 It is my first time!

# Support, blog prompts and comments are essential to keep up the momentum.

# There was a noticeable exposure of my blog ( more internationally than nationally) and Increase in blog traffic. I gained 30 followers on WordPress reader for my blog.

Now the million dollar question – Will I take up the challenge again? Not in recent future and without planning it thoroughly 🙂

I crossed the finish line! Bhaag Reema Bhaag!!


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Day 1: The Adventurous Me

So today is the first day of my one month long vow. To facilitate the challenge and to get traffic in return for my efforts 😛 ;  I have joined The Ultimate Blog Challenge as suggested by Shilpa.


On Saturday, my in-laws went for their 1st long drive in their son’s car. We chose Krishnagiri which is only 90 kms from Bangalore. There is a dam at Krishnagiri and a fort atop the Syed Basha hills nearby. There are steps leading to the fort. We climbed 220 steps but more than 200 steps still remained to go. I forced D to turn back. 😀 My legs are paining still! It is a lifetime achievement for me!

I have been quite adventurous recently. On our Shillong- Guwahati trip in May, D and I explored the cave system of the Mawsmai cave at Cherapunjee, Meghalaya. At some places we had to bend at right angle or had to sit down to cross the area!! it was scary with the possibility of bats suddenly flying out of crevices.

Overcoming my shyness, I participated in the Antakshari competition at my workplace. Apart from the partial judges (partial towards the other team), my team also did the mistake of not thinking of a song starting with or having these words in the first line – Jaan and Magar. Later I remembered “Jaan ey jaan dhundta fir raha hu” and few more. Sigh!! Still can’t remember any with “magar”. We lost in the elimination round. 😦 Any antakshari enthusiasts out there???

To continue with the adventurous streak, I am going to participate in throwball event at workplace. Till now. Lets see….