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Naanu Vaapas Bandhe

or I AM BACK as they say in English. 😀 The blog post title is in Kannada (with help from a tweep)…but more on the language and my experience with it later. So I am back from a self-imposed blogging break – entirely out of laziness and shock of new life 🙂 But ek blogging break to banta hai in all these years of blogging right? It has been more than 3 months since my last post!! Phew! Shame on me! But then, what could be a better occasion to make a comeback other than Diwali? 😀

Happy Diwali!

May millions of lamps illuminate your life
with endless joy, prosperity, good health and peace forever
Wishing you and your family a very

I know nobody missed me in this blogosphere. In fact my comeback got delayed day after day because of this reason also. No one mentioned my absence or rather that of my regular comments, no one asked about my whereabouts / well-being and I did not get any motivation to resume blogging, reading and commenting as usual 😦 😦 Sigh! Out of comment space, out of mind…

More updates to follow in next post!!

And will be attacking your blogs with comments soon. Really scared to open the Google reader!!

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