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Bad Worse Worst

Bloggers have been raving about the movie Rock On!! and in my blogosphere I have read like 5 review posts of the same movie. So I’ve nothing new to add to it. Just the usual wonderful! must watch! Ooohs and aaaaahs! Blahs and blehs! But I have a reputation to live upto. Hence here is a post comprising of movies seen by me over last 2-3 weeks except Rock On!!. Also its a comprehensive list of MUST AVOID movies.

# C Kkompany :- A crime reporter in love with a don’s sister, a retired old man being mistreated by his son and a man prone to violence out of frustration regarding his short height are friends who form a mafia gang to extort money from the old man’s son but one thing leads to another and so the story unfolds. The comedy consisting of spoof on KBC starring Karan Johar, ridiculing Balaji Telefilms and Ekta Kapoor serials [Ckkompany is her production] and a don who loves watching such soaps somehow bring out an occasional laugh or two but isn’t that hilarious. Acting of different actors (Anupam Kher, Rajpal Yadav, Mithun Chakraborty, Tusshar Kapoor and Raima Sen) varies from fine to bad. One or two songs are fine else as usual in Bollywood movies, if its been long since last dance number suddenly another pops up, totally out of place. There is an item number by Celina Jaitley. Story is just ok and the movie is not too long, that being the only plus point except the little laugh it managed to elicit from the audience. BAD!

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The Final Straw

I suspect that Ms.Ekta Kapoor has finally lost it…gone bonkers…has become raving mad, insane, deranged, unbalanced and sadist. She is planning and in fact has begun shooting of an episode of her popular soap opera Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii based on the sensational Aarushi muder case. The storyline is about a teenager in the serial who is killed by her parents because of her relationship with a boy and they are unwilling to surrender easily. Of course Balaji Telefilms say that they have only been inspired from the real life story. So finally Ekta and her writers (I doubt there is only one writer as the stories are all same with just a change of sequence of events as inferred from input given by my Mom) have run out of ideas to dish up to the viewers and they are resorting to cashing in on such a real life tragedy especially when it has been solved yet. I think all Ekta haters and Indians interested in saving the females of their families should launch a signed petition to close down Balaji Telefilms….”Save Our Moms” campaign. She is literally making hay while the sun shines!! What next? More real life murders and scandals will be incorporated in her various serials?
Much has been written about it so I wont rant much here. Just wanted to express my stand.For Aarushi murder case read hereFor news articles on Ekta’s episode read here and hereTo know more about why Ekta is hated read hereP.S. Ok if not petitions then what about supari? It can be done online too!! I’m sorry if I’ve hurt the feelings of any Ekta Kapoor fan out there.Image credited to mangalorean.com