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Blog Feedback Results

Many posts ago, I had conducted a poll asking for feedback about my blog. Its about time I declared the results.

So my first question was – On a scale of 1 to 5 on blog quality(5 being highest), where will you rate my blog? The options were

1. Your blog sucks!

2. Your blog is just average

3. Your blog is good

4. Your blog is excellent

5. Your blog is awesome

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Blog Feedback

Sigh! Its exam time. I have my M.E. 1st semester exams from 13 Dec. So that means Dasvidaniya from blogosphere. I may or may not post till exams are over. However I’ll surely reply to your comments. I may or may not be reading and commenting on your posts. Even if I do, then only on some posts. Rest after the exams. So before I take your leave, I want to share and know a few things about my blog. I found this website link in Sulz’s post where I got to know my blog type. So the Typealyzer says my blog is of the following type –


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