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Phone Photography:‘Phono-graphy’

This post is my submission for the Share Life Blogger contest by Indiblogger and Tata DOCOMO. Tata DOCOMO has invited IndiBloggers to pick up life’s context around the various features of the OneTouch Net Phone and build thoughts around any of the topics. I chose Phone photography: ‘Phono-graphy’


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Dhan Te Tannnn!!!

Dhan Te Tannnn!!!

Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers!!! I am back! The last theory exam of my life – Over!! O-V-E-R. I tell you there are few things as stressful as giving an exam..a break up maybe. Now I can safely say that after studying kindergarten, Class 1 to 12, B.E. And double M.E. ; I’ve only 500 MB space left in my brain. 😦 I just can’t and I wont study anymore ever! The palpitation, the burning of midnight oil [tubelight to be precise], the shortage of sleep, the tension, the butterflies in stomach, the loss of appetite….my Dad says the most difficult work in life is to study and I think he is right 😀

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Remember my post “Classification of Students” where I classified students of a class in some categories based on my teaching experience?

All of you had a good laugh and remembered your college days, didn’t you?

Remember my post “Road Rash in Real Life” where I wrote about the specimens I encounter daily on roads ?

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