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Spreading Award Love

My fellow bloggers surely know how to drag me back to blogosphere from the realm of Power System Engineering and how to keep me happy :D. I have been awarded the Butterfly award for the Coolest Blog and a Trophy from Vimal and Vishesh.



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Blog Feedback

Sigh! Its exam time. I have my M.E. 1st semester exams from 13 Dec. So that means Dasvidaniya from blogosphere. I may or may not post till exams are over. However I’ll surely reply to your comments. I may or may not be reading and commenting on your posts. Even if I do, then only on some posts. Rest after the exams. So before I take your leave, I want to share and know a few things about my blog. I found this website link in Sulz’s post where I got to know my blog type. So the Typealyzer says my blog is of the following type –


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