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The first step– introduction to me

Well i dont know exactly how to begin writing a blog….that has always been the problem in writing diary when i used to that is….whom should i address? Dear Diary is so Archie type….and i cant speak without addressing someone…..there has to be a virtual reader or listener whatever the case may be…..so i used to choose someone or other and then start writing as if talking to that person….so coming back to my dilemma…hmm..what the heck….let the first step of blogging begin with breaking of old habits…..
So thats my pic above….The bookworm is supposed to signify me according to some near and dear ones….but i think my elder sister deserves the title……she can read anything in print….maybe not trashy novels but stuff like fiction, non fiction, philosophy, articles, self help books etc etc….thats fine by me till i m not expected to read philosophical stuff that she found so good… i get put off so easily while reading a novel…some are still half read because somewhere down the line some gory incident or description is there and i m like ugh!! Imagine i even put down a sidney sheldon novel ( a phrase by the way everyone mentions in “books read” in any networking website even if they are not all book readers…i guess thats how much is the popularity of sidney for reasons known to those who have read his work…especially stuff like sands of time!!!! ) cuz there was the description of torture in a jail…..the novel being “If tomorrow comes”…..likewise with “Papillon”….i couldnt get reading beyond the description where they hide something ( i dont remember what) in some unmentionable place in body…..Ugh!!!!!!
Hmmm..so one more thing about me….i love cats…no matter what people think….u know in India cats are not regarded to be good ..and even unlucky if they cross your road….now come on…whats their fault??? all other animals like pigs, buffaloes, cows, dogs and even guys ( who dont stop crossing especially when they see a girl driver coming) can cross road but not cats???? I think more danger lies in encountering a buffalo ( getting a swish of their tails or splattering of mud in which they r usually soaked in) and studies shows more accidents occur due to sudden dash done by dogs and pigs….people are scared of cats’ eyes too……why??? i find them enchanting….people say they r thieves…..Come on one has to fend for oneself….they dont earn u know….people also cite a point that they are not faithful…..yeah so?? its a matter of what a person wants in a pet… i dont want animal saliva on me!! i find their attitude/nature quite like mine… sleepyhead, lazy, pampered, headstrong, inscrutable, aloof, self- sufficient, cool, lovable…. But i wonder how come all the cats i had were in their 9th life??? Sigh!!!!
Total random talk,eh? Welcome to MY RANDOM THOUGHTS!! Hope you, the reader, has a pleasant stay here and is tempted to come back again & again.