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That Time Of Blog Life

There comes a time in every blogger’s life when he/she suffers from writer’s block like Rekha or becomes too busy to blog like Suda/Sakhi/Willow or finds it hard to keep up the regularity of posts like Nita or is too overwhelmed by new married life to blog like Scorpria or loses the creativity needed to blog like Perx or is busy in relocating like Nimmy or is too busy hatching evil plans to conquer the world like Ashish or has been doing it for so long that he is now bored with blogging like Ishmeet. And then there are some who just vanish without a word like Meghana (Last time I read she was learning to drive. Hope she is ok! :P), Wasshappening, Sharad, Manoj. This cartoon sums up the blogger’s cycle quite aptly.

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