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Alpenliebe and Cruelty To Zoo Animals

Kids imbibe a lot from the media and their young impressionable minds are easily influenced by advertisements. I am sure there must be many parents who face the daily challenge of denying their kids’ demands and making them understand that why are they not buying the super cool thing shown on tv. I think nowadays around 90% of ads have kids in them and when a kid watches such a commercial, he/she wants the same thing as the kid on tv. Now what if an advertisement is about a small thing such as an Alpenliebe toffee but knowingly or unknowingly shows an act; which if the kids don’t understand to be wrong, they might imitate even when they are adults. I am talking about the act of feeding animals in zoo by visitors.

In the commercial, Kajol feeds the toffee to a crocodile in zoo and the croc finds it so tasty that it keeps following her around. Here is the commercial –

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Lecturers’ Day Out

On this last Saturday, me and my colleagues had gone for a picnic at the local zoo to celebrate birthdays of two persons of our group. Usually we go to some restaurant and have dinner and come back. So this time we planned a day out with lunch funded by the two birthday girls. Oh it wasn’t their birthday on that day. We usually have parties belatedly. So after half day college (Saturday!) we all left for the local zoo + garden + entertainment park. Me and AJ reached in the nick of time to take cover under a shed just as heavy rain started. All the rest of us got totally drenched. I was only worried about the food 😀

After finding a dry spot, we had our lunch and then went to visit the zoo. I have always loved visiting zoos but the sight of caged animals saddens too. This place has lost its glory. In my childhood there used to be so many different types of animals and birds here. The lions and tigers were also quite in number. As the township is a one maintained by public sector industry, poor maintenance and few animals have resulted due to cost cutting. Though zoos don’t only mean caging of animals for display, yet one can’t help but feel sad for free spirited birds like eagle caged in a small cage that 2 in one. I’m sure with time they will lose their wings strength. Also I was surprised to see birds like emu and turkey in an Indian zoo. I’m no expert but I seriously doubt whether Indian climatic conditions are suitable for such exotic birds. Check out the snaps. (Hover the mouse on the photo for its caption. The girl in the yellow dress is yours truly)

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