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chilli and lemonThis post has been started with the traditional Indian way of warding off  an evil  eye because I know after my announcement a lot of people are going to be envious/jealous 😛 😆

So all my dear hard-working-slogging-all-day-at-office friends especially those who are now doubtful of their existence and those who work even on Sundays, the news is that my summer vacation has started. I get one month summer vacation in my profession. 😈 One of the reasons I love doing what I do!!

vacation for teachersAnd like every year, I have a huge to-do list for the effective utilization of holidays.

# A late spring cleaning of my room and stuff

# See movies which I had postponed for vacation

# complete writing two guide books. I and my colleagues are writing some guide books of Electrical Engineering subjects which will get published soon.

# Start working on my M.E. project

# Finish all the pending small and big chores.

# Do some cooking experiments on the new microwave oven.

You know, last year I had “Convert my baby steps into the blogging world to a stride.” on my to do list. I guess I did that successfully 😀

Also I will be going on a trip for 10 days but that will happen in June. Place will be revealed later. 🙂


50 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. A two months long break is enviable 🙂 Love the cartoons you add to your posts!
    Have a great holiday…
    Nice new header!

    Reema: Thanks! 🙂 Its one month long not two months.

  2. what! whAT! WHAT!!! 8-0
    Do you know that I have a UGC NET certification? 😛
    SO. DONT. TEMPT. ME. 😛

    Reema: Wow!!! Thats awesome!

  3. You are too lucky!! Summer Vacations are simply awesome!!
    I wish we had one in corporate too 😦

    Reema: Poor you working on sundays! Hope things get better soon.

  4. All the best .. do complete ur to-do list..!! 🙂 And enjoy on your trip ! Do post pics of your trip and of cooking experiments, should be fun 😀

    Reema: Thanks! Oh yes I will!

  5. ROFL!:D I am on this one with you

    *thinking of putting that nimbu mirchi* on my blog as well 😀
    coz yippee!I am an azaad panchi from today!!


    Reema and Indyeah sniggering away to glory 😀

    Reema: Yeah!! teaching rocks!!

  6. I’m like you…I get school holidays too. Of course, I still work 2 days due to my other job, but it’s still more than most of my mates. And that makes others jealous. And here in Australia, there are 4 school terms, and there’s holidays after every term. 🙂

    Reema: Good for u!

  7. Are so lucky ! But handling classes on day to day basis must be murder.

    Have loads of fun. sigh. while we keep slogging to the office all year round.

    Reema: thanks!!

  8. acha kiya nimbu mirchi laga diya..

    chuttiyan… hai…

    mujhe mile toh i’ll visit home first thing…

    Reema: I hope u will get holidays soon.

  9. Wait a minute!!! Where is the entry

    “Watching HP6 movie with Suda as promised”????????

    Not fair!! Not fair!!!

    Reema: Oye! movie will release in July and vacation is upto June.

  10. Good for you girl! Enjoy your holidays. FYI I am one who works on Sundays! And yeah I yearn for those days when I could take a break on Sundays! I might be that lucky in about six months if things go as planned!
    In the meantime I wonder why you haven’t mentioned more blogging during your hols? I mean surely you gonna do that?

    Reema: Thanks! Oh of course I will blog more so I didnt mention 🙂 Hope u get your break soon.

  11. I envy you! You have chosen a great profession that can give you both a Job satisfaction of sharing knowledge and Month long Summer Vacation! May be after 10 years or so I should probably just retire as a lecturer in a college in a small town in India like Madurai. Nice cartoon strips! I liked the last one!

    Reema: Thank god I put the nimbu mirchi. 😛 U can give that idea a try. Thanks!!

  12. I like the first cartoon. I can relate to it. As much as I love teaching, I love summer vacations!

    Mine is starting soon. I am looking for a summer job though. I can’t afford fancy vacations yet…. but some day!

    Reema: u dont get paid vacation? We do thats why we are able to take one month leave.

  13. hehe………………a long vacations indeed ….thats the best part of teaching as a profession 😛
    ah well my holiday season doesnt seems to end not before july ………… the anxiety of the upcoming results has spoiled my mood…i guess excess of everything is bad……and i have had an overdose of vacations 😦
    in between congrats for the great stats 😛

    Reema: Hey what do u study? Such a long vacation? Thanks!!

  14. Have a nice holiday! Wondering if you’re staying or going somewhere too. Usually here teachers have LONG vacations. Hope you have too. Ciao.

    Reema: Thanks! yes I will be going on trip in June.

  15. i gave my class 12th exams ! thats the reason for my extended uninvited vacations and boredom as well 😛

    Reema: So what was your result?

  16. So, a travelogue in the offing 🙂
    I get one lousy day off per month right now 😦 temp employee 😦 Sob sob!!

    Reema: Ohh thats too bad.

  17. NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    my sis always wanted me to be a teacher ( coz she thought I’m good at it .. ) but I never really liked the idea ..

    should I think again dude ??????????????????

    I am struggling to get one day off to visit my parents or go on a trip 😦 😦 😦

    okay, you had that evil killing thing in the beginning … I am off for now 😛

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