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The Pink Panther i.e. the first one starring Steve Martin was a hilarious movie which I enjoyed watching. Here is a scene from the movie where Steve Martin as the French Inspector Clouseau is trying to learn an American accent but fails miserably.

I hear the 1970s Pink Panther series starring Peter Sellers was better but I haven’t seen the series yet. Anyway continuing the prologue to the review, I was eager to catch the sequel – The Pink Panther 2 even if it starred Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.


Now the review:-

# The story :- When a world famous thief The Tornado makes a comeback by stealing many of the world’s priceless treasures like the Magna Carta, the Shroud of Turin, and, of course, the Pink Panther Diamond; Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin) is recruited for his “excellent” skills in the international team of expert detectives which includes a British (Alfred Molina), an Italian (Andy Garcia) and our very own Aish as Sonia. Thus begins the search for the stolen artifacts and the thief.

# The cast :- The movie’s star cast has some big names. Aishwarya may have won the PadmaShree and the Ms.World title and even some movie awards but she just seems a plastic doll to me with no acting skills. Jean Reno has been retained from the first part and John Cleese has replaced Kevin Kline as Chief Inspector Dreyfus. Their performance was unexpectedly poor. It was kind of sad to see Andy Garcia, Jeremy Irons and Molina in such roles. Lily Tomlin’s cameo was unnecessary and not at all funny.

# The movie :- Every other actor just seems to be a part of a sequence of bumbling acts and slapstick comedy centered around Martin. There is no flow in the story. It seems more like a tedious string of events that try to pass mispronunciations and some silly blundering actions as humor. Martin hogs all the scenes and except one or two of them, rest are not that humorous. The story writer has also tried to give a romantic angle to the sequel but that doesn’t work either. The suspense is lacking and one could easily guess the thief. Overall a very bad sequel and a bad Hollywood movie choice for Aishwarya.

I guess instead of writing all this, I should have just written two words:-



The winner of the riddle tag in my last post is Perx. Now he has to put up a pic withing two weeks and continue the “riddle me this tag”. You can still go over to my post and read the riddle poem I made up 😀


Last week’s Best Post Award goes to Vimal of V-LOKAM for his hilarious post “The Stars Scream Awards (Winners)” featuring bloggers and a film awards ceremony.



23 thoughts on “Movie Review,Riddle Winner and Best Post

  1. Not only for you but to many Aishwarya was a plastic doll while acting… a nice review… and congrats for vimal.. and I enjoyed that post much, he deserves it 🙂

    Reema: Thanks!!

  2. but she just seems a plastic doll to me with no acting skills. *** agrrh,even I feel the same.

    Thanks for the review,I was wondering what all that hype was all about…hmmmm..

    and yes,Vimmu deserved it,his post on award was simply superb..

    Good day

    Reema: I m glad to see so many agree with me on Aish!

  3. Wow! How do you guys get to see the movies as they are realeased? Is it released in the metros, or do you guys download them from torrents?

    I love Steve Martin, you should actually see the complete series. A lot of pirated CD’s containing all the movies are available. Get it..

    Keep blogging!

    Reema: It has been released in cities! I plan to watch the Peter Sellers one.

  4. This movie was such a disappointment…more so because i thought the first one was the funniest movie i have seen in a long time.

    I actually slept through the move! (but then maybe i was just tired)

    As for Ms Bachchan, i will just say watching her made me realise how much effort and skill goes into acting, and how less she was putting. I used to think acting is easy. Not anymore. Like Sachin makes batting look easy, Aishwarya does the opposite with acting.

    Reema: 😀 😀 Very apt description!!

  5. After reading ur review … I am glad that I didn’t waste my time over this movie … 😡

    P.S. Nowadays I don’t go for any movie until I have read its review …. 😉

    Reema: Good thinking!

  6. Wooooooopieeeee…….Thanqqqqqq……………… on cloud 99 !!!!

    hell, who cares about the panther now??


    Reema: 😆 !

  7. just seems a plastic doll to me with no acting skills!!!


    She is a plastic doll 😉

    *Grudgingly* congrats to Vimal 🙂

    Reema: Hehehe!

  8. I am really not interested in Panther Series. Never bothered when Ash wasn’t there, so it would be blasphemy to show interest now.. ;):)

    Vimmuuu and Perx.. Congrats..

    Reema: U don’t like that sort of comedy?

  9. I am not interested in this one at all. I mean the film.

    Reems, You have patience to sit through the film and review it for us. you are a sweety.

    Reema: Aww thanks!!

  10. Won’t watch the movie, and Aishwarya is not always, but often a plastic doll .. I still like her 🙂

    And Congratulations to Prex – can’t ever imagine solving that riddle …
    And Congratulations to Vimal, oh yeah, that post was good!! I loved that post … lol 🙂
    This weekly award idea is good!

    Reema: Thanks!!

  11. I enjoyed the old pinkpanther series but when I saw it recently I found it less funny! Somehow I think I don’t enjoy these series anymore and I doubt whether I will like this new one. However I didn’t know you detested Aish! I mean, I don’t think she is a great actress, but she has done well in some movies and in fact I am quite curious to know what she did in this one!

    Reema: Oh surely I must have expressed earlier somewhere that I dislike her. She seems just false.

  12. That’s disappointing, I thought it might be provide me a light respite. I don’t want to waste my time.
    It is funny to hear words starting with H from the French, as they don’t have ‘H’ , whether mute or so-called “aspirated”, it is actually always silent.
    And French TV is full of dubbed US serials, so House will be pronounced ‘ous’. 🙂
    It takes me a while to understand when my friend (trying to gain fluency) in English says, aarm, ate, and, ear, art, old for Harm, Hate, Hand, Hear, Heart and Hold.

    Reema: I hear the old Peter Sellers ones are hilarious and better than the present ones.

  13. Come on! come on! come on! Who is bothered about Ash’s acting as long as she has those wonderful eyes! It is for people like me that she is casted in the first place 🙂

    Reema: Welcome to my blog. 😆 So u r a die hard Aish’s beauty fan? Keep visiting!

  14. So Ash has no role whatsoever?? 😦 And the first movie was great and I was thinking that they would recreate the magic…

    Reema: Oh she has a role but she is her usual non acting self.

  15. Hey Reema, who was the second person to have guessed the fish in ur puzzle? Have him/her do the tag too so it doesn’t die…

    Reema: Ok!

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