Photos Of The Week

Once in a post, I had mentioned that I was thinking of writing an abstract at this blog whenever I post a photo at my photo blog, thereby directing readers to check out the post at that blog. I had asked all my readers to give their opinion in a poll.

65% said Yes…18% said No…another 18% said I can’t say.

So going with the majority, I have decided to start a “Photos of the Week” post at this blog which would include links to all the photo posts I have made at my photo blog with a little abstract. πŸ™‚

# 1 Chrysanthemum :- A shot of the flowers from the garden at my home.

# 2 In the Limelight :- A puppy was soaking warmth from the sun rays falling through a window on cold winter morning at Howrah Station, Kolkata. When I saw it I knew I had to capture this moment even if people stared at me taking snaps of a puppy. πŸ™‚

# 3 Bubbles :- An attempt at street photography πŸ™‚ A shot of a boy selling bubble blowers. I had bought it once in my childhood. I was unable to blow any bubbles; instead lot of soap water entered my mouth. Yuck!

# 4 Happy Holi :- A shot of the central design of a rangoli. The colors had caught my eye.I had kept it in draft to be posted on the occasion of Holi.

Going away for the weekend. Wish you all a very happy and safe Holi !! Don’t forget to celebrate Tilak Holi and save water!

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