Trip to Digha Part 2

Continued from here.

9th Dec 2010: It had got dark by the time we reached Digha station; all because we had missed the first train and got delayed by three hours. Digha is the most popular sea beach and tourist spot in West Bengal. It is known as “Brighton of the East”.  Digha station looked quite new and clean. I guess to promote tourism, WBTDC has spruced up the place. Also there are 4-5 trains from Kolkata to Digha!

Nice carriage like rickshaws are available outside; something which I haven’t seen anywhere in Kolkata. Digha is divided into two areas – Old Digha and New Digha. We decided to stay at New Digha. There are many hotels,lodges and restaurants in Digha. We stayed at Hotel Sea Bird. Rates in Digha vary seasonally. Hotel Sea Bird is a good hotel located near the beach, with okay rates and an in-house restaurant on the ground floor with good service and tasty food.

After freshening up, all of us went for a stroll on the beach. The beaches of Digha are flat and wide. The sea looked ominous in the dark. The tide gets high at night so there are stone embankments to prevent the water from flooding the town. Due to high tide and chances of theft, it is advisable to not go to beach side after 9-9.30 pm. New Digha has a lively market which we planned to explore the next day as most of the shops had closed down by that time. We came back to our hotel, had tasty dinner and retired to our rooms.

10th Dec 2010: Woke up to overcast skies and lovely cool weather. Had breakfast and went out to beach with our cameras. Had fun roaming and photographing around the beach and the sea.

D also dared to climb the fishing boats and pose for me. We were afraid if there were any owners around, they might scold us 😀  The smell!!! OMG!! I refused to stand close and shoot. I would rather use zoom.

And that is my boatman rowing towards land on a boat already on shore. 😀 (Actually the oars were fixed on that side)

One strange thing about Digha is, unlike any coastal area, the vegetation doesn’t consist of coconut trees. There are sort of pine trees along the beach! There are hardly any coconut trees in the area!

Beaches of Digha are interconnected and if you can walk, you can explore from Old Digha to Talsari Beach on foot. But we just explored till the end of New Digha Beach. (Screenshot from wikimapia)

Due to weekend, the beach was crowded as lots of people had come over from Kolkata. There were pony and horse rides available. Also there were several green coconuts i.e. daab stalls on the beach with long benches for people to sit. The daabs were very tasty!!

Roamed around till late afternoon. Was feeling ravenous by then. Headed for the hotel restaurant for lunch. At Digha, there are several cheap eateries too which serve good quality Bengali food and all sorts of fish delicacies. It may be difficult to find a pure veg restaurant at Digha. I don’t remember seeing any.

The sad part was I couldn’t eat any crabs during the trip because I felt awkward in front of FIL, MIL and D who don’t touch seafood let alone eat it.  😦 What is the use of coming all the way to a fisherman’s heaven like Digha and not tasting crab? Thankfully I got to eat crab during Goa trip as that trip was with my parents. D was the odd one out. :mrgreen: Next time, no matter who is with me, I am just going to ignore them and listen to my stomach. 😀

Oh! The post has become so long. Looks like it has to be continued.

20 thoughts on “Trip to Digha Part 2

  1. This sounds like an interesting place. I have always been verrrry fond of sea & beaches!!!!

    And I like your resolution about having sea food next time! You can not and shoud not feel awkward in front of people with whom you have to spend your life 🙂

  2. I have a lot of fond memories of Digha. Our school trip in the tenth class was to Digha, and I think it was absolutely wonderful! We had such a great time there! I don’t remember where we went, but do remember all the fun we had 🙂 Your trip just brought back fond memories..

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