The Final Straw

I suspect that Ms.Ekta Kapoor has finally lost it…gone bonkers…has become raving mad, insane, deranged, unbalanced and sadist. She is planning and in fact has begun shooting of an episode of her popular soap opera Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii based on the sensational Aarushi muder case. The storyline is about a teenager in the serial who is killed by her parents because of her relationship with a boy and they are unwilling to surrender easily. Of course Balaji Telefilms say that they have only been inspired from the real life story. So finally Ekta and her writers (I doubt there is only one writer as the stories are all same with just a change of sequence of events as inferred from input given by my Mom) have run out of ideas to dish up to the viewers and they are resorting to cashing in on such a real life tragedy especially when it has been solved yet. I think all Ekta haters and Indians interested in saving the females of their families should launch a signed petition to close down Balaji Telefilms….”Save Our Moms” campaign. She is literally making hay while the sun shines!! What next? More real life murders and scandals will be incorporated in her various serials?
Much has been written about it so I wont rant much here. Just wanted to express my stand.For Aarushi murder case read hereFor news articles on Ekta’s episode read here and hereTo know more about why Ekta is hated read hereP.S. Ok if not petitions then what about supari? It can be done online too!! I’m sorry if I’ve hurt the feelings of any Ekta Kapoor fan out there.Image credited to

29 thoughts on “The Final Straw

  1. hey reema i will be the first to sign petition against ekta kapoor if anyone is ready to prepare one!!! i read so much about her irrational behaviour..i hate when her serials show woman as some outright bitches or full sati savitri, and on top of it they show so much of unscientific beliefs in the serials…i just hate it!!!

  2. am I understanding you right? A contract killing? Of a soap opera star?

    I dont think I am. Something must be lost in translation here.

    I mean I understand you dont like the girl or her productions. But are you really saying she deserves to be killed?

    Reema, I think your society takes things much too seriously. Its just some TV shows.

    I watch a soap opera here and I think its stupid and predictable and impossible (Actually my wife watches it so I have to watch it if I want to hang out with her) but I dont give it a minute of thought when Im not watching it. Especially because the story lines are so silly and bizarre.

    For instance one of the main characters is possessed by the devil, or is drowning at sea and saved by dolphins, or has their memory taken away by an evil arch villian then is reprogrammed as an assasin, or needs to get married to their most hated enemy to end a blood fued. Its just absurd.

    What it sounds like you are describing here is a mini-series based on real life events. Which I agree is despicable, but it happens here all the time…I never watch them and rail against them too because yes, it is people cashing in on someone elses pain and misery and nothing could be lower than that. But I dont think anyone should be contract killed (If that is really what you are saying)

  3. @Swathi thanks for sharing my sentimnents πŸ˜€

    @Robert Lolz.. oh my god dont take it seriously I’m kidding…her sitcoms are not mini in any way ..they have been on since 5-6 yrs!!! daily!! and U cant know whats effect its causing with its obnoxious stories and events and characters..its not based on rea life..its far from it and its using a recent sensational murder of a teenager in their storyline…u wont be able to understand being non-Indian..Her sitcoms (there are atleast 20 of them)have taken over Indian television and our mothers & ladies who just watch the crap day n night.Anyway I m just kidding man!! its a joke in India..not to be appalled at. I’m amused at ur reaction though.Just keep watching comment section..all will favour the supari thing πŸ™‚

  4. @Robert thanks!! Hope u got what I’ve tried to explain in my previous comment and dont think of me as someone who will hire a contract killer to kill a production house owner!! may do that for an ex bf but not ekta kapoor πŸ™‚

  5. killing an x BF is alot more understandable.

    Especially if he wont return your stuff.

    by the way I love the pop out comments!

  6. I love this post! Ekta Kapoor’s soaps and similar serials are blot on India’s popular culture.
    She should be persecuted for cashing on Aarushi’s murder case..
    Btw, why do you need a contract killer for an ex bf? I thought you were capable on your own..

  7. @ Robert, Reema is right, u have to be in India and then only u will understand what she means by the killing stuff. πŸ™‚

    @ Reema, I hate Ekta Kapoor too for doing what she is doing to the whole generation. And its role reversal of a kind, WE are worried about our older generation’s sanity. Should they be worried about us? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    And ye, this colour scheme does look nice.

  8. @Reems – Nice attempt! Though we have a read a million times about Ekta’s antics – she including somethg on Aarushi murder case is stupid before the case is even solved.

    She successfully infused her 9 generations logic in many households and ruined the “smart television” viewership era. Hope all of this comes to an end sometime soon!

    Nice post! Don’t plan to kill her and if you still do, take me with you πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  9. I don’t have a problem with Ekta Kapoor as such. She’s stupid and her programs are stupid. Everybody knows that and still they watch it more for entertainment. Everybody knows this isn’t real.

    But when she decided to do an episode on the Aarushi murder case, that was bad. I’ve been vehemently opposing that everywhere I could. I mean, it’s terribly wrong. Already the media has sensationalized everything, she can’t go around making an episode on it. It’s complicated. And she’s not just inspired, bloody hell she has a picture of the Aarushi look-alike in her advertisements. I think it’s unfair to do this to the family, and to Aarushi’s soul. Respect her for God’s sake. Don’t make money out of her life. Already the news channels have been hunting her orkut profiles and hard disks and telling us about her secrets. I think that’s bad too. Everyone has their right to privacy. You just can’t do that.

  10. @Robert thanks!

    @Lallopallo I’m glad u liked the post so much.Thx for agreeing. Such an impression of me??? I m happy πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ agar ek khoon maaf hota to zarur…. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    @Madchatthew Welcome to my blog and thanks!! Keep visiting!

  11. @Sakhi Thanks! Sadly yes Ekta is literally poisoning minds and showing tricks to play politics and encouraging superstitions n all.

    @RJ I think she should not include even after the case is solved. She has literally made the TV idiot box!!
    Thanks for support! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    @Ish Yes I saw the pic too on news..but couldnt find on web. I guess a person’s death ends all rights to privacy.Its really sad…tamasha bana ke rakh dete hai maare hue logo ke private lives ka.

    @Nova Sadly people are just interested in minting money in any way possible.

  12. By going ahead and doing this.. Ekta K has crossed all the limits of insanity and heartlessness.
    But I think it’s time that the housewives begin to reject her and her crappy serials.

  13. @Adarsh I agree with u but I dont know what is the psychology behind it that the housewives even knowing its all crap still watch Ekta’s serials..its like being on substance abuse..u know its bad n harmful but still u cant give it up.

  14. Wow, I like your posts now. I like every Ekta Kapoor hater!!! She proved to be a faltu producer-director before. And now she proves she is a sicko!!!!

  15. Indian television is getting dumber n dumber. Have you seen Idiocracy?? I think we are moving that way.
    *I’ll just puke and come*

  16. Its weird the kind of crap they show on TV these days. Ekta Kapoor is going to be responsible for damaging so much of Indian society by the time she is done.

    May i also add the role of Indian media…the news channels have crosses all limits of ridiculousness.

    Alas there is no Indian Penal Code covering moral crimes.

  17. @Amreekandesi welcome to my blog! Its really sad. Some news channels should really be closed down for spreading superstitions and all stupid stuff. Keep visiting!

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